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Institutional advertising promotes a company image, rather than a specific brand. It attempts to create goodwill and the desired perception of an entire company, rather than one brand or product. Product advertising is trying to promote and sell a specific brand or product.

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Q: How does product advertising differ from institutional advertising?
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How does product advertising differ from institutional advertising under what conditions will they be used?

How does product advertising differ from institutional advertising under what conditions will they be used?How does product advertising differ from institutional advertising under what conditions will they be used?

What is institutional advertising?

What is institutional advertising

What is surrogate advertising. how differ is it from product advertising?

When someone else advertise for you it is called surrogate advertising. e.g. Wal Mart advertising for Tide ( a P&G product) detergent or McDonald advertising for Coke.

How would you describe institutional advertising?

Institutional advertising takes a broad approach to advertising, concentrating on the benefits, concept, idea, or philosophy of a particular industry.

How do institutional and noninstitutional pharmacy setting differ?

How do institutional and non-institutional pharmacy settings differ? Institutional pharmacies operate in institutions, whereas non-institutional pharmacies operate outside of institutions.

What is an example of a form of advertising?

Advertising can take a number of forms, including advocacy, comparative, cooperative, direct mail, informational, institutional, outdoor, persuasive, product, reminder, point-of-purchase, and specialty advertising.

What is the aim of advertising?

The essential goal of advertising is to have the advertising message seen or heard with enough enthusiasm to influence an action such as a product purchase or sway in public opinion (politics, social, institutional, etc.). "Public awareness"

How does public relation differ from advertising?

public relation sells the whole company while advertising sells product,service,idea or place

What are forms of advertising?

Advertising delivery methods include banners, billboards, Internet Web sites, clothing logos, magazines, commercials, etc. The common forms of advertising are advocacy, comparative, cooperative, informational, institutional, persuasive, product, etc.

How does deceptive advertising differ from false advertising?

Deceptive advertising is "deceiving" or "tricking" consumers into buying a certain product or service, an example would be "Filling", where they add weight to a product to make the legal weight heavier by using low cost substances. False advertising is simply stating something that differs from the actual use of the product or facts about it.

How does marketing differ from advertising?

Advertising is part of a marketing campaign.

How does advertising affect a product?

Advertising builds the reputation of a product whether it be good or bad. Advertising is the representation of a product or company. Much planning is needed to convey the correct message and portrayal when advertising a product.

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