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it inflames it, causing your salivary glands to inflame and overreact which makes you foam at the mouth

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Q: How does rabies affect the nervous system?
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What part of your body does rabies affect?

Rabies affects the nervous system.

How does rabies affect the brain?

it is the same thing as the nervous system

How does rabies affect living things?

Rabies is an infectious disease. It causes death by damaging the nervous system.

What human system does rabies affect?

The virus affects the nervous system and causes inflammation of the brain.

How does the rabies virus attack or invade the human nervous system?

Rabies have certain bacterias that affect our nervous systems. So the cells react by shutting downs our nervous systems.

What part of the body does rabies effect?

Rabies virus affect nervous system. It is transmitted through the saliva of an animal before they die. It can affect the muscular system as well and cause paralysis.

Does the rabies virus attack the digestive system only?

No. Rabies attacks the nervous system.

Do Rabies affect the muscular system?

Rabies affect your muscular system. There is paralysis of the muscular system.

What are the diseases of the central nervous system?

Diseases that affect the nerves of the central nervous system include meningitis, Parkinson's disease, rabies, polio, and sub-acute sclerosing pan-encephalitis. Such diseases affect movement and can lead to mental incapacitation.

What area of the body do you get rabies?

The central nervous system, particularly the brain.

What body system is effected from rabies?

Rabies attacks the central nervous system. Death occurs within days upon the onset of symptoms.

What is cause of rabies in nervous system?

Rabies is caused by a virus that is usually transmitted bite the bite of an infected animal.

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