How does reason control spirit and appetite?

We all have to see the ugly side of life because that is what makes us know right from wrong. If we don't control our mind and spirit (soul) and try to figure out why this is happening and roll with the punches we can become jaded, self absorbed, critical of those around us and on and on it goes. In other words, by not trying to understand the situation as best we can and either help where we can or move on if we can't control that particular problem we will squeeze our spiritual side to the limit and will have lost all reason. Once a person becomes this pathetic creature the appetite dwindles. In fact, many diseases are caused by not practicing mind, body and soul techniques. It's called "internal combustion." Something has to give! Some people never learn and eventually if they only see the ugly side of life it's becomes a "Dorian Gray" syndrome. ==new answer== Fitst of all, spirit is not something you control. It is the energy that you use or mis-use. So, to control your use of the spirit would be more accurate.
To reason requires the use of memory, imagination and attention. First, place the attention in memory to see how something has been mis-used. Next, us your attention to imagine how you want a different result and how you can accomplish this.
Over eating occurs as we hold back from going forward toward what we really want. To want something, but don't think we can have it, therefore, holding back, is what causes weight gain. The body simply follows the direction we are giving the brain through our thought processes.
It all rests upon out intention. Remember to seek first the kingdom of heaven and you will see things beginning to come together.