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For starters: plants appear green because the green light that hits them is the least absorbed (most reflected or transmitted) of the visible wavelengths by chlorophyll pigments. The rest of the visible spectrum is captured as electrons and used to catabolize carbon dioxide and water into sugars.

The major wavelengths of light that are absorbed are at the boundaries of infrared and ultraviolet. They mostly use red and blue light to make sugars from CO2 and H2O, but the blue (higher energy) light has to be de-energized a bit, the red light is more readily usable.

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How does light effect plants?

How does light effect plants is a broad topic for one most plants like sunlight (light). For plants that require light it is very important for them to produce photosynthesis the prosses of turning light into energy. Although the color of light can also effect a plant for example blue light = growth, Blue & Red light = Flowering and green light = nothing.

How does light effect plant growth?

Light effect plant in 3 ways , 1: blue and red light effect photosynthesis , Photo peroid effects flowering in plants , . Light of different color effect cell division and enlargement .

Does red light effect plant growth?

Yes it does

What effect does colored light have on plants?

Blue light = growth Green light = nothing Blue & Red = Flowering There are more but for now I lost the test results this was all I could remember.

Effects of light on plant growth?

The blue and red colors have the greatest impact on the growth of plants while the green light is the least effective. The flowering plants need more of the red light than the other types of color. Plants use light to make their food.

Is red best for plant growth?

Red or blue light are the wavelengths of the visible light spectrum that are most absorbed by plants.

What color light do plants growth best?

Plants tend to grow better in red and blue light, but not green.GREEN LIGHT--------->STUDY ISLAND

Why do different colors of light affect the growth of plants?

They respond best to Red and Blue

How does the colour of light affect plant growth?

Plants are green because the reflect green light. They do not use green light, they use red light to make food. Some plastic mulches are red to reflect red light onto plants to make them grow more.

What has the author Cynthia C Lipp written?

Cynthia C. Lipp has written: 'Effect of solution nitrogen and phosphorus on growth, carbon allocation and nitrogen fixation of red alder seedlings' -- subject(s): Effect of nitrogen on Plants, Effect of phosphorus on Plants, Plants, Effect of nitrogen on, Plants, Effect of phosphorus on, Red alder, Seedlings

The effects of different colours of light on the growth of plants?

Red light is very important in that it's the color that phtosynthesizes with chlorophyll.

How does the different light effect plants?

The photosynthetic pigments of plants are more productive with certain colours of light. Green plants appear green as they have no need for green light; use only violet, orange, and red. Red Algae has no need for red light and only uses the higher frequencies.

Does the color of light increase plant growth?

Yes, certain colors stimulate growth in plants. Blue stimulates stalk and leaf growth, and red stimulate flower growth.

What color light affects plant growth?

red and blue, green light is reflected by chlorophyll give plants their green colour

What color light best grows plants?

Red is the spectrum used for growth and blue is used for flowering

Will the color of light effect how a plant grows?

Yes, the color of the light will effect how the plant grows. If you put sa plants under a U.V light and the light color is red the plants will grow better than the U. V lgith color that is black.

Does the light color affect the plants growth?

yes it grows best because red and blue lights give photosynthisis

Why do artificial plant-growth lights have a light spectrum that favors blue and red portions of the spectrum?

Chlorophyll, the main photosynthetic pigment of plants, absorbs mainly blue and red wavelengths from the Sun and reflects green ones, and it is this reflected light that gives plants their leafy color. Light can be split into red, green, and blue. Plants are green because they reflect the green portion of the spectrum, but consume the blue and red portions. Perhaps photosynthesis uses blue and red portions of spectrum, making a light spectrum that favors red and blue portions of the spectrum the best for plant growth.

Does angle effect red eye?

What effect does angle have on red-eye effect?: Angles refract light into your eye and into the lens cap causing the red. Angles of light effect red-eye by reflecting light in certain directions of your eye.

Do plants absorb or reflect red light?

plants absorb red light and blue light wavelengths, and reflect green and yellow light, which is why we perceive a plants leaves as being green.

Does different colored lights affect the growth of plants?

yess it does. Blue light helps plants grow faster. Im sorry but i dont know why though. Red light makes plants grow slightely faster and green light makes them a tiny bit faster.

Does different colored light affect plant growth?

Light growth does affect plant growth. In an experiment with Lima beans, I found that red light made the beans grow faster. Green light actually slowed down the process of growing. If you want to grow plants faster with different colored light, you can use colored plastic wrap.

Do plants react to the presence of other plants music different colored light?

Yes Plants react to light in the visible spectrum differently. -Plants like to grow in blue or red light, but not so much in green light. -Plants also have the ability to grow towards a light source (this is mediated by auxin a plant hormone) -Plants Germination is dependent on the sequence of light (Red-Far red- Dark = no germination, where Red- Far red- red- dark = germination) As well, the interaction of plants with other plants plays a role. For example, if one plant blocks the light of another plant, or if neighboring plants out compete the plant for space. Some people believe plants can interact with music, and even with human emotions. I on the other hand am skeptical. Technically speaking you could ramp up sound levels to points where the plant is shredded, but I don't think classical music will have an effect.

Is blue or red light better for the greatest plant growth?


Will different light colors affect plant growth?

What light is best for green plantsYes, different colors will affect plant growth. If you are growing a green plant yourself either make sure your plant gets enough sunlight. Under green light your plant will not grow the best since green light will reflect on green plants, blue and red lights work more effectively in plant growth.

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