How does riding a bike downhill relate to life?

You start at the top of the hill, looking down, and tell yourself that the ride looks fine, even fun - exciting - and quite short. You plan your way down in your head, but forget to take notice of the bumps and nooks in the road.

So, in your naivety, you set off and, at first, everything goes fine; you're in control of your brakes, and therefore your bike. But then you encounter the first bump, and you jump, partly letting go of your brakes in the process. You feel that you're going too fast, so you grip your bike and hope for the best, speeding past as many obstacles as you can avoid. The ride feels so, so, so long.

Some people fall off their bikes while whizzing downhill, others escape with a few scratches. The luckiest get to the bottom of the road never even having lost control of their bikes in the first place!

Once you've reached nice, flat ground again, and you've managed to get off your bike, you look back up the hill and think "Wow, that was over so quickly!", and you realize howexhilaratingit was! Your heart is still beating quite fast, but you no longer feel so much like you're on the verge of a heart attack. A little while later, your heart's beating normally again, and you forget the panic of the ride. You might even say to yourself, "I think I'd like to do it again".

There's probably more to it than that but... well....I guess it also depends on what you believe about life and how we live it.