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Saturation affects the RF value in a significant manner. With saturation of the air, this will result into high RF value which cause poor resolution.Ê

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What is the effect of RF value in envelope detector?

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Codeine is presented in tablet mixtures and it has an Rf value of 0.6 what would you expect to be the effect of the Rf value of replacing the ammonia in the solvent by acetic acid?


RF value of Aspirin?

Rf Value of Asprin= 0.56

What is the Rf value for aspirin?

The Rf value for aspirin is 1.25/1.48 equals 0.84. For ibuprofen, the Rf value is 1.32/1.48 equals 0.89, and for acetaminophen, the Rf value is 1.07/1.48 equals 0.72. Rf stands for retardation factor.

What is the rf value of cocaine?

Rf is about .45

What does Rf value tell you about the solubility of a pigment?

Rf value is an indicator of the solubility of a pigment. Identical molecules means of two pigments has the same Rf value. Small Rf value means less soluble and pigments with Rf value near to one means highly soluble.

What is rf value of eugenol?

The Rf value depends on the type of plate used and solvents.

What does RF value stand for in chromatoghrahy?

Retention Value, is also known as Rf value. Retention Value, Rf can be defined as the ratio of distance moved by the solute and the distance moved by the solvent.

What ia a RF value?

the mobility of any component in a particular solvent is referred to as its RF value. Mathematically, RF value = distance travelled by solute/ distance travelled by the solvent

What is the maximum and RF value can be?

1, if it completely solube in the solvent, it will travel with it, right to the solvent front.

What is an rf value used for?

The rf value is shorthand for the retention value of a substance. It is used in chromatography to determine the components of an unknown sample.

What is the Rf value of anthocyanin?

anthocyanins rf vlaue is o.95

Why is Rf value different?

Of what??

You developed your chromatogram too long and you can't find the solvent front describe and explian the possible effect on your results of the error?

If this happened you would not be able to calculate the Rf value. If you can't find the Rf value you will not be able to tell if the solvent is unknown.

Rf value in chromatography?

Rf value is the ratio of distance travelled by the solute to the distance travelled by the solvent front.

What is the Rf value of acetylsalicylic acid?

In 100% ethyl acetate the Rf value for acetylsalicylic acid came to be about 0.71.

What is Rf value in chromatography?

Rf value is the ratio of distance travelled by the solute to the distance travelled by the solvent front.

What is the RF value for red ink blue ink and green ink?

the Rf value value is 8.44 as the particles are lighter than the solvent

How do you work out RF value?

Rf = distance to color/distance to front line

What does an Rf value indicate?

Rf value indicates the relationship of the distance moved by a pigment to the distance moved by a solvent.The Rf can be calculated by the following equation. Rf=distance pigment migrated/distance solvent front migrated.

What is the relationship between chain length and Rf value?

As a general rule the longer the carbon chain the greater the Rf value.

How is RF value useful in paper chromatography?

RF value is the distance travelled by a component of a mixture relative to the solvent. That is, it is the distance travelled by the component divided by the distance travelled by the solvent. RF value for any component has a fixed value less than unity. By calculating RF value for a component and comparing it with known values, a given component can be identified.

Why is the Rf value useful?

Every compound has a specific Rf value for every specific solvent and solvent concentration and can be helpful in identifying unknown samples with Rf values of known compounds.

What is the RF value for paracetamol?


What is the Rf value of phenacetin?

about 0.342

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