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In reference to water saturation can mean a few things. It could mean the dew point of the atmosphere at which it can no longer hold any more moisture. It could mean that the water holds the maximum amount of thermal energy before boiling. It could also mean that so much of a solute is dissolved in the water and at its current temperature cannot hold any more solute.Saturation is the point at which a material cannot absorb any more of something else. When a piece of cloth is saturated with water, it can hold no more water. When you are trying to dissolve something in water, such as salt, the water is saturated when no more salt can go into solution.

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Q: How does saturation relate to water?
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What is saturation of the water cycle?

water cycle and what is meant by saturation

What is zone of saturation?

saturation zone is the area that is filled with water

How are the zone of saturation and the water table related?

The zone of saturation and the water table share two zones of ground water.

What happens to the saturation point when water is heated?

Saturation points remain the same, water start to vaporize.

What is the zone of saturation?

a water source

What is end-point scaling in reservoir simulation?

Oil-WaterSWL = 0.2 SWCR = 0.22 SOWCR = 0.2 KRO = 0.9 KRW = 1 SORW = 0.2 KRORW = 0.8Saturation table end-point scaling (SWCR, SGCR, SOWCR, SOGCR, SWL)SWCR - critical water saturation (that is the largest water saturation for which the water relative permeability is zero)SOWCR - critical oil-in-water saturation (that is the largest oil saturation for which the oil relative permeability is zero in an oil-water system)SWL - connate water saturation (that is the smallest water saturation in a water saturation function table)Relative permeability end-point scaling (KRW, KRG, KRO, KRWR, KRGR, KRORG, KRORW)KRW - relative permeability of water at maximum water saturation parameterKRO - relative permeability of oil at maximum oil saturation parameterKRWR - relative permeability of water at residual oil saturation (or residual gas saturation in a gas-water run) parameterKRORW - relative permeability of oil at critical water saturation parameter

What is critical water saturation?

critical water saturation (sometimes called Irreducible water saturation) defines the maximum water saturation that a formation with a given permeability and porosity can retain without producing water. This water, although present, is held in place by capillary forces and will not flow. Critical water saturations are usually determined through special core analysis.The critical water value should be compared to the reservoir's in-place water saturation calculated from downhole electric logs. If the in-place water saturation does not exceed the critical value, then the well will produce only hydrocarbons. These saturation comparisons are particularly important in low permeability reservoirs, where critical water saturation can exceed 60% while still producing only hydrocarbons.

What is the saturation point of salt water?

If you add salt to water it becomes dissolved. If you keep adding salt in to the water, eventually the water won't be able to hold any more salt. When that happens it is called the saturation point. The saturation point of salt in water is 35g / 100ml water.

What do you call water that soaks into the ground?


Surface of the zone of saturation?

water table

This is the surface of the zone of saturation?

water table

What is water saturation temp?

I do not Know either.

The water within the zone of saturation?

The answer is groundwater.

Where is water stored in an aquifier?

zone of saturation

What does saturation mean in the water cycle?


What is the water within the zone of saturation?


What is the saturation point for citric acid and water?

citric acid reaches its saturation point after about 45 grams of citric acid and 50 ml of water

Where is groundwater located?

Ground water can be found below Earth's surface within the zone of saturation.

What does saturation mean in geography?

Saturation is reached when the ground can no longer absorb rain water. Flooding is usually the result.

What is saturation with solute?

high concentration of salt in the water

Where is the water table located?

at the top of the zone of saturation

Where aeration and saturation zones meet?

Water table

The upper limit of the zone of saturation?

water table

What area is below a water table?

the zone of saturation

What is water within the zone of saturation called?