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Q: How does sensation affect your behavior?
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What are that factors that affect sensation?

There are at least 3 major factors that affect sensation. These 3 factors that affect sensation are pressure, temperature, and smell.

How does sensation affect the five senses?

Sensation can be described as the awareness of stimuli via the senses. If there is an inability to sense the stimuli, there will be no sensation.

How many years has Mindless Behavior?

Its been 3 years since Mindless Behavior been a popular teen sensation

How does sensation crisps affect your body?

they affect your blood cells and kill them slowly.

How mental and emotional health can affect behavior?

Mental and emotional health can seriously affect your behavior. If you emotionally or mentally upset, it can adversely affect your behavior towards others.

What are the factors that affect organizational behavior?

The workplace, workers, and boss are factors that affect organizational behavior.

How does human behavior affect the environment?

our behavior affect the environment by putting more pollution in the air

Can certain food affect your behavior?

Yes if you do not take the complete and healthy food, you get the weakness and irritation. So it is affect to your behavior.

How does color of a room affect human behavior?

by their personality, their mood, and their behavior!.

How sociological factors affect a persons behavior What sociological factors do you believe affect your behavior the most?"

How do emotions and moods affect the behavior?

Emotions and moods always affect the behavior. but in professional field, it doesn't affect too much because you need to behave as per the situation.

How do sound vibrations affect structures in the ear to produce the sensation of hearing?


How does the change in seasons affect animal behavior?

it effects it by their behavior to the sunnyness and the coldness

Does color affect a hamsters behavior?

No, not at all. Color is merely just a genetic gene. I do not see a reason for it to affect the hamster's behavior unless it was albino.

What factors affect organizational behavior?

There are a great many factors that affect organizational behavior. These factors include personality and surrounding environmental influences for example.

How can your behavior affect your health?


The arousal theory of motivation seems to explain sensation-seeking behavior as well as giving insight into which mental disorder?

antisocial personality disorder

Is there an Introduction to the physiological basis of behavior?

How does our physiological state or body condition affect our behavior

What has the author Aradhna Krishna written?

Aradhna Krishna has written: 'Sensory marketing' -- subject(s): Consumer behavior, Sensuality, Senses and sensation, Psychological aspects, Marketing, New products 'Sensory marketing' -- subject(s): Consumer behavior, Sensuality, Senses and sensation, Psychological aspects, Marketing, New products

How does animal behavior affect peoples life?

How does gender affect animal behaviour

How does your personal behavior affect your patient and co-workers?

its affect your work performance.

How does spatial geography affect human behavior?

how spatial geography affects human behavior and how human behavior affects spatial geography

How does irresponsible behavior affect the nation?

Irresponsible behavior will affect the nation in so many negative ways. Morality and integrity levels are seriously compromised as a result of irresponsible behavior. This in turn affects the overall growth of the nation.

What are 5 examples of behavior that may affect the quantity of work?

Which behavior affects the quantity of work in the work place

What best describes the iraqs view of individual behavior?

Individual behavior always has a direct affect on family honor