How does silica affect volcanic lava?

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A low amount of silica will create a runny kind of lava found in shield volcanoes. That kind of lava is called Pahoehoe. A high amount of silica will make a thick kind of lava that is found in cinder cone volcanoes. That kind of lava is called Aa.

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What type of lava does Paricutin in Mexico have?

low silica, produces volcanic bombs.

What kind of volcanic material does the cinder cone volcano have?

Highly felsic lava. Lava that is high in silica content. Highly viscous lava.

How are volcanic eruptions affected by the type of lava?

The more silaceous the lava, (higher silica content), the more explosive the eruption.

What causes different types of volcanic eruptions?

higher silica, sio % creates a thicker lava, lower silica sio% creates a thinner, more runny lava viscosity and resistance

What is possible origin of obsidian?

Obsidian is volcanic glass, derived from the quick cooling of high silica lava.

Does silica produce light colored lava?

silica is light colored lava

What causes volcanic eruptions for composite volcanoes?

The lava is silica-rich, so it clogs in the vents. The pressure builds, and boom.

Is mafic lava rich in silica and feldspar?

No. Felsic lava is rich in silica and feldspar.

What is basic volcanic lava?

Basic volcanic lavas are those which have a low silica (45 - 52%) and a high iron and magnesium content. The term "basic" in this context is somewhat outdated. Modern scientists generally prefer to call such lava mafic.

Lava that is low in silica tends to?

Lava that is low in silica tends to have lighter rocks come out of it.

Does pillow lava have high silica?

No. Pillow lava is basaltic, so it has a low silica content.

What type of volcanic rock fragments or lava comes out of Mt Fuji?

The lava that comes out of Mt. Fuji is silica-poor. I am actually looking for the type of rock fragments comes out also.

How does silica affect the type of explosion a vocano will have?

When lava flows through a patch of silica it become thick. When the thick lava hits water, it boils the water and traps the gasses. These gasses make a violent Explosion.

What type of eruption results from low silica lava?

What type of eruption results from low silica lava

When lava that is low in silica it tends to what?

Lava that is low in silica tends to flow more easily. This is because it's thin and runny, unlike lava that is high in silica, which tends to be very thick.

What is silicia and how does it affect how well magma will flow?

The more silica, the slower the lava flows and the more viscous it is.

What is the behavior of lava with silica content being high and low?

Lava with high silica content will erupt explosively, if it has low silica content it will flow.

How does water affect volcanoes?

low water and low silica: the eruption is not that strong; low water and high silica: the magma comes out like a toothpaste coming out of its tube high water and low silica: the lava flows fast and strong. high water and high silica: lava is pasty and thick and flows strongly

What is the importance of a silica and oxygen in lava flow speed?

Silica will determine if the lava is hot and runny or thick and slow!

What type of lava has more silica?

Rhyolitic lava has the highest silica content at 70% or higher, Basaltic lava has the least with 50% or less and Andesitic lava with anything in between.

How does the silica content of lava determine what kind of volcano is created?

Lava from volcanoes will often contain silica. Lava with a high amount of silica flows slowly and will produce a volcano with sloping sides. Lava with a low content of silica flows quickly and spread great distances to form plateaus.

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