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In general, it doesn't, it reduces it. I believe, though, that it can cause panic attacks in some teenagers. And if an addicted smoker stops, he experiences anxiety while he's going through withdrawal.

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What to do to bring down the anxiety after smoking marijuana and drinking?

Write down why you need to stop smoking and drinking alcohol, beer, and margaritas (margaritas have alcohol in it). Personally, I would stop doing things that hurt my body and cause anxiety.

What are four things that can cause an asthma attack?

Four things that can cause an asthma attack would be: allergic reaction, stress/anxiety, exercise induced, smoking

Can you smoke smokeless tobbaco?

no you can't cause its no use of smoking no you can't cause its no use of smoking no you can't cause its no use of smoking no you can't cause its no use of smoking

What may cause anxiety in children?

Anxiety in children may be caused by suffering from abuse, as well as by the factors that cause anxiety in adults.

What are some withdrawls of smoking tabbaco?

Cravings, irritability, anxiety.

Can anxiety cause neck pains?

Anxiety can cause a psycho-somatic response to cause head and neck pains.

Does smoking cause a hole in your heart?

dose smoking cause a hole heart

When you smoke can smoking cause Brian cancer?

No, smoking can not cause "Brian" cancer.

What do smoking cause?

Smoking can cause lung cancer and rot part of your body, so don't smoke when you grow up cause smoking is for idiots.

Can energy drinks cause anxiety?

Yes. Many energy drinks contain caffeine, which can cause anxiety itself.

Is anxiety a mentally illness?

Yep, anxiety is a mental illness, but it can cause physical effects and mental as well. But it all starts in your brain and the thoughts and feelings you have, to cause the anxiety.

Can quitting smoking cause a missed period?

No, quitting smoking can not cause a missed period.

Can smoking heroin cause a skin rash?

Can smoking herion cause skin rash

What is the cause of the anxiety in the house?

Lack of money is often an anxiety that occurs in a household.

Can cephalexin cause anxiety?

no it cannot chephalexin is an anti biotic it will not cause anxiety but if you are experiencing severe anxiety you may want to see a doctor there are numerous things that could be causing it

Why does smoking cause your heart to beat faster?


What can smoking cause and effect?

smoking what? weed? or ciggs?

Does codeine cause anxiety?


Does mucinex cause anxiety attacks?

It can.

What is the cause of anxiety and its precautions?


Can constipation cause anxiety?

Yes it can.

Is anxiety a cause for flatulence?

unfortunately it can be.

Does smoking cause lupus flare ups?

Doe smoking cause lupus flare ups

Does alcohol cause anxiety?

Yes. It can cause a bunch of things, including anxiety, violent dispotion, uncoordination, dizziness, nasua, and blacking out.

Can anxiety attacks cause a heart attack?

Anxiety attacks does not cause heart attacks in normal heart. The anxiety may cause heart attack in previously compromised heart. You can have heart attack, if you are a patient of severe angina pectoris.

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