How does smoking marijuana during pregnancy affect the fetus?

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It doesn't. No medical professional will ever tell you it's ok to smoke marijuana, pregnant or not. There have been no controlled studies in the US because the government won't fund them. They only thing they have to work off of are situations where babies have been born sick and the mother had admitted to smoking marijuana. They attribute these findings to marijuana not telling us that this mother was also, drinking, smoking cigarettes, smoking crack, and any number of other things. When I was pregnant, I looked elsewhere for my information. Google this "Melanie Dreher RN PhD Canabis use in pregant women".

I had serious problems eating throughout my pregnancy and felt sick the whole time and I was very worried about the development of my baby. I decided to smoke some weed when the perscriptions my doctor gave me didn't work. I gave birth to a perfect 8lb 12oz baby girl who is now 5 months and developing faster than any other baby I have ever seen. Don't listen to these weed hating fools. Take it from a mom who knows and has had her baby's best interest at heart since day 1.

Okayy honey, whoever wrote this above, is TOTALLY wrong. Babys can shreink by parents smoking weed in birth. It causes heart problems and mis-carriages. And what kind of mother would smoke weed during there pregnacy. I'll tell you one thing you and your baby could have died. Your very crazy!!!!!!!!
I smoked weed for 5 yrs before i found out i was pregnant and just quit cold turkey i will take one single hit every once in awhile but to the idiot who said u and ur baby could of died your out of ur mind i quit as a precaussion and so my child does not get taken away at birth if they drug test me or the baby but let me tell u something there is no record of ANYONE dying from weed u have a better chance of getting hit by lightning or getting attacked by a great white!!! smoking ciggerets during pregnancy cause low birth weight have they outlawed that for pregnant women NO!!!!!Weed grows from the ground idiot people have been smoking it since the begging of time and i can almost gurantee our ancestors partaked in smoking weed even pregnant women!I know teachers rich buisness men respected members of the community who smoke weed just casue they dont tell everyone does not mean it is not going on so next time u look at your lawyer or cpa wonder to ur self if they smoke weed cause it is a great possibility!Marijuana does have some effects on hormones and the lungs but unlike alchol which affect your liver kidneys stomach lining and can also cause a imbalance for up to three days o and dont forget that u can over dose on itYou can smoke a pound of weed and u will still wake up in the morning You can NOT overdose on weed!!!Ciggerets have fiber glass and countless other chemicals so go tell those pregnant women how stupid there are not a pregnant women who takes a hit now and again! I amnot saying it is right to smoke up a storm but a hit now and again i think is harmless!

OK LOL, cannibus can't hurt a developing baby nearly as much as you believe it can. The only testing that the government will fund is on animals and last i checked humans are just a little bit more complex than chimps are. If you don't trust that then you may need to take a new Biology course before you side with the government tests or anything related in anyway...

Real Info:
  • Cannabis Use In Pregnancy - Dr. Melanie Dreher (
" seems to make no difference in terms of exposure during pregnancy …We looked at these children again at age five, both groups of children, and could find absolutely nothing that linked their development with their exposure during pregnancy."
  • Video:Cannabis Use and Pregnancy, with Melanie Dreher, RN, PhD (
  • Use of Marijuana During Pregnancy (
"Most of these studies, including the largest study to date with a sample of over twelve thousand women, have found no differences between babies exposed to marijuana prenatally and babies not exposed."
  • Dr. Weil ("Based on these observations, the researchers concluded that smoking pot during pregnancy wasn't associated with increased risks to the babies."
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