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For smoking, it would be unwise to say that it "shortens" one's life. Although studies give the answer that a cigarette takes 11 minutes off of your life, this is not necessarily correct. It was obtained through math, paying no attention to how the body functions. If you were to smoke on a regular basis for the rest of your life, yes, each one would take about 11 minutes off, but if you quit before any permanent damage was done and you have enough time left in you to keep on living, then your lungs will heal themselves right as rain (given proper time that is).

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How does smoking shortens your life?

One cigarette can shorten someone's life by 11 min

By how much does smoking shorten your life?

A lot which is why no one should smoke!

How can you use the word shorten in a sentence?

Smoking will shorten out lifespan.

How long can smoking shorten your life?

well smoking is bad and it can shorten your life by a long time and it can also be bad because it can give you cancer and lots of other things wich are bad so if you smoke try to quit and if you have family and children really think about it

How does smoking affects your lifespan?

if you start smoking it can effect you in just minutes. but if you smoke for a long period of time, it can shorten your life by 11 years.

Will smoking shorten your penis?

No it will not shorten your penis ... Your penis is made of smooth muscle. It is really impossible to make it larger or smaller without surgery.Smoking however, can effect your fertility and your sperm.

Does AF shorten your life?

If AF refers to Atrial fibrillation, yes, it can shorten your life.

Does smoking cigarette's shorten your penis size?

No, it makes no difference at all.

Does breeding a female poodle shorten her life span?

yes it does it will shorten a years worth of life

What cancer can smoking cause?

Lung cancer, larynx cancer(voice box) and many more. It can also shorten your life by ten years or more. Hope that helps!

What happen when people start smoking?

They worse their health, waste money, and shorten their lives.

Does tobacco shorten your life span?

yes tobacco can shorten your life span coz when you smoke your lungs turns black

Can upgrading your vehicle motor shorten the life expectancy?

Some mild upgrades can actually lengthen the life. It's the major upgrades that can shorten the life.

If a pregnant woman smokes does this effect the baby?

yes. it could affect the baby. but it will affect you. you should stop smoking or try. you want to be there for your child when they grow up for as long as you can be. smoking will shorten your life and you wont spend as much time possible with your child.

Does bacon shorten your life?


Does high cholesterol shorten your life span?

it can shorten your life span because i am 16 and the specialist told me that i could die in my 30s because of it

How can you save your life from smoking?

Quit smoking

Do stereo speakers shorten your iPod's battery life?


Do steroids shorten the human life span?


Can any drug shorten your life?

Most likely

How much does a smoker pay for life insurance?

A smoker usually pays 2-3 times, or more, than a non-smoker for the same type and amount of life insurance. Why? Because smoking may lead to chronic illnesses and other medical conditions which shorten your life expectancy.

How long can a smoker with type 1 diabetes live till?

There's no expiration date that says XX/XX/XXXX. There is no set time for how long you have to live. Smoking and Diabetes do shorten life-spans though.

Is smoking fun?

There are two answers to this question. Yes, if you want to get cancer and crush your future also shorten your life. The other answer would be No, if you want a good education and a better life. On the contrary, there are many who are informed and educated who still enjoy cigarettes and tobacco products.

What are the factors that shorten the product life cycle?

factors affecting product life cycle

Can stress kill?

Yes if too much it can shorten your life

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