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How does soapy water affect plants?

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Continued use of soapy water strips the protective cuticle off of plant leaves - this can result in the leaves burning. The occasional use of soapy water to kill small insects such as aphids, scale and mealy bug is okay - as long as you don't do it too frequently.

The long term effects of soapy water on the soil are not good, this causes a layer to build up on the soil and also effects osmosis in the soil - which can cause plants to deteriorate and die

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Why is soapy water bad for plants?

Soapy water is not bad for your plants.

Which grows better plants watered with plain or soapy water?

does soapy water water kill a plant yes

Is soapy water good for plants?

Soapy water can be good for some plants. It's best to use soap water that is from a washing machine and does not contain borax from laundry products.

Can spider plants live on soapy water?


Does soapy waste water effect the growth of plants?

It should not affect it, if it is gray water, like water you wash your hands with, or tub water, nothing with chlorine bleach in it or cleaning chemicals

What does soapy water mean?

Soapy water is water which has soap dissolved in it.

Does soapy wast water effect the growth of plants?

Not exaclty, i have tried this before. I watered one with normal water and one with soapy water. The soapy watered one wasn't very effected. In fact, it is still living(: and the normal watered one is too. but there really isn't much of a difference between the two of them. So yes, soapy water does affect a plant, but a very small effect. Meaning, the plant would still live for a pretty long time, if you watered it at its regularly needed basis. :D

Can you use washing machine water after use on plants?

Soapy water would bother most plants As long as you did not have bleach in the wash, I don't see why not

How do you get dog urine stain out of a vertical blind?

Put soapy water on it. Put soapy water on it. Put soapy water on it.

Does salt last longer in fresh water and soapy water?

soapy water

Is soapy water acidic or alkaline?

Soapy water is Alkaline =) Your welcome =P

Is soapy water an acid or a base?

Soapy water is Alkaline so it is a base.

Would soapy water keep garden bugs away from potatoes plants?

it will keep certain bugs away from all types of plants.

Can you use washing machine water on the garden?

No no no! The soapy water would damage the plants. It would remove the slightly oily surface protection that all plants have and they would immediately become vulnerable to all sorts of predators and damaging rays from the sun. It would also change the nature of the soil around the plants, making it soapy, and that is not what plants enjoy!

How does osmosis affect plants?

by giving the plants water

Can soapy water melt?

as it is water already it cannot melt but will evaporate whether or not it is soapy or regular water

How do you put soapy in a sentence?

Please soak this in soapy water.

What makes the soap feel soapy?

Actually, soap isn't "soapy" unless it has water on it. So I suppose water makes soap "soapy."

How does water pollution affect plants?

Because the plants can die from bad water.

How does dirty water affect plants?

Dirty water as in just dirt and water doesn't affect plants. If the water has toxins then it could harm or kill the plant.

Where are the soapy plants on virtual villagers?

to be creative

Does hot water affect the growth of plants?

If the water is too hot it will kill the plants.

Does salt water affect the growth of fruit plants?

Yes! It can dry out your plants! It's not good for plants. You want to water your plants with FRESH WATER.

How do you say soapy in french?

Soapy (containing soap, as in soapy water) is 'savonneux' (masc.) or 'savonneuse' (fem.) in French.

What is the ph level of soapy water?

The Ph level of soapy water is 12. It is a strongly basic substance.

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