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AnswerYou can go to college or to technical school for classes. You can work as an Apprentice under someone who is a Master Electrician.

You have to be state certified (here anyway) before you can do any sort of work as an electrician, which involves working so many hours under a Master Electrician and taking a test.

Before spending the money for schooling, read about the job and how circuits work. Libraries have a vast number of books or you can find used books on the internet. After your reading, if you are still interested, then pursue schooling. Pick a school that will lead to certification.

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Q: How does someone become a master electrician?
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What is required to earn master electrician certification?

Journeyman electricians need 8000 hours of training underneath a master electrician. To become a master electrician you'll have to complete 12000 hours on the job training under the supervision of a master electrician. Then you'll have to pass the licensing exam. From start to finish this usually takes 6 years. To be come a master you begin as an apprentice work your way up to a journeyman, and then become a master apprentice. No formal training is required, just on the job experience.

What is one way to prepare to be an electrician from high school?

In high school you will have shop classes for electives and these may help you. To become an electrician you can get an apprenticeship to have a master electrician to train you.

What training does an electrician need to work in Texas?

You need to become a Master Electrician through the journeyman system and then take a test to verify competence.

What is the probability that a randomly selected electrician is a master?

10%. However an electrician shouldn't be a master to have the necessary ability for common services. A master electrician is only required for highly technical issues.

According to job description What is the difference between a journeyman electrician and a master electrician?

I believe a journeyman works under a licensed, business electrician and a master electrician is one who has the business. Not the best definition but hopefully it helps Might vary by region. Here in Canada, a journeyman is someone certified to do permited electrical work that will be inspected. A master is someone who is certified to pull (read - apply for) those permits. In Canada, a journeyman electrician is someone with 4 years of experience in the electrical trade as an apprentice and has taken four periods of school. A Master is a journeyman electrician that has a certain amount of experience as a journeyman (typically 3 years) and has a very good understanding of the Electrical code (which is proved by taking another course / exam).

What kind of training does an electrician need?

An electrician should get a liscense. Also they should study under a master electrician.

How to stop someone from posing as a master electrician?

If the jurisdiction you are in has license requirements, you would need to report them to the Authority Having Jurisdiction.

What exams do you need to be an electrician?

Residential Electrician Exam (Certified Electrician for Residential Only) Journeyman Electrician Exam (For Residental and Commercial) Master Electrician Exam (For Residental and Commercial)

What education required to become a electrician?

No Iam Not A Electrician

What are the levels of electricians?

There are different types of electricians, for different types of jobs. One is the residential electrician, a commercial electrician, and a master electrician.

How long does it take to become a Master Electrician?

1 year apperntice 3 years joneryman then masters so 4 years

Do you need to go to school to become an electrician?

Not necessarily. While many electricians go to school, some states have what's called a journeyman program, where you apprentice to a master electrician and earn you license that way.

How much does a master electrician make?

A master electrician makes around 25 dollars an hour. This is the standard wage right now across the United States.

Is there a certification process to become an electrician?

Yes. You'll need to get apprenticeship experience either under a master electrician or through a school designed to provide such experience. Then, once you have that experience, you need to take a test to get licensed.

When was Waiting for the Electrician or Someone Like Him created?

Waiting for the Electrician or Someone Like Him was created in 1968.

What is an apprentice electrician?

An Appretice is a rookie. He is learning the trade. He will be an appretice for 4 yrs., then he can take a test to become a Journeyman. Then after another 4yrs. He can take another test to become a Master

How many years of schooling do you need to become an electrician?

In the USA licensing requirements for construction work are controlled by local building officials. Typically, certain types of electrical work are only permitted to be performed by a Journeyman or Master electrician. The requirements for becoming a journeyman or master electrician, and the types of work they are permitted to do, vary between individual states; however, there are often interstate reciprocity agreements. Not all states offer a statewide journeyman or master electrician license, and the license may be limited to the county or city level.

What is a master sign electrician?

Master electricians are those who have received certification from the appropriate regulatory agency (which varies by jurisdiction) as being very highly skilled. If a master electrician chooses to specialize in signs (many signs are illuminated, and involve wiring and electrical components of various sorts) then the term master sign electrician could be used.

How dog will become friendly with the master?

The master has to be kind to the dog and take care of it and not let it depend on someone else. Eventually the dog will slowly become more friendly with their master.

How much money does a master electrician make an hour?


What is the difference between electrical contractor and master electrician?

a Master Electrician is the person who has the educational and practical experience to perform electrical work according to NEC "National Electric Code". although others like a journeyman can perform those duties, the master electrician hold more education and able to certify electrical work.where and electrical contractor is a company which is licenced to obtain and perform electrical contracts. whoever, and electrical contractor can't perform have their licence without a master electrician being on board. in other words, an electrical contractor must maintain a valid master electrician and it own contracting licensesome states allow a person to be a contractor using his own SSN, in this case a master electrician could be also the contractor.

What is the educational background requirements to be an electrician?

To be a licensed electrician, most people have at least one year of technical school. After that, some time is spent in an apprenticeship with a journeyman or master electrician.

Where can someone find a master electrician willing to work weekends?

A master electrician who is willing to work on a weekend can be located by searching the Yellow Pages of a phone book. Most advertisements that accompany the telephone number will give the hours of operation for that particular provider. If the hours of operation are not listed with the telephone number, a person may need to place a telephone call to the chosen electrician and asking if they are willing to work weekends.

How much does an electrian make in a year?

They make 80,200$ if a master electrician

What is the average Salary for a DC Master Electrician?

An electrician in Washington, DC can earn over $78,000 plus paid benefits per year.