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He runs fast because of his sheos and plus he was born to run fast

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i saw new movie faster then 20

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Q: How does sonic run fast?
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How fast can sonic the hedghog run?

In the game Sonic and Sega All Stars Racing if you check Sonic's profile it defines exactly how fast he can run.

How can sonic run fast?

What powers Sonic is not known!

How do you run as fast as Sonic?

Travelling as fast as Sonic on bare legs is physically impossible.

How fast does knuckles the echidna run?

Knuckles can run pretty fast, though not as fast as Sonic or Shadow.

How fast does shadow run?

shadow runs as fast as sonic

Can a real person run as fast as sonic?

I may. But realy no person can run faster than Sonic, maybe i can........

On roblox how do you run fast?

find a game like sonic xd directers cut and you can run fast

Can you run as fast as Sonic the Hedgehog?

Sonic can run faster than the speed of sound, which is impossible for any human being.

Why does sonic run fast?

because sonic has power shoes or sneakers what ever u want to say wow i wish i was fast as him

How can you run as fast as sonic?

You can't as it is physically impossible.

Why can't Amy run fast like sonic?

becauseAmy was never born with the ability to run fast like sonic. besides Amy has her piko piko hammer.

Why is Sonic the Hedgehog so fast?

sonic is so fast because hedgehogs can run SO fast that there heart beats 120 times in 5 seconds thats why he is so fast.

Why aren't the chaos emeralds in ultimate flash sonic?

Probly he his going fery slow or fast like he always runs like or even fast then that because I have a sonic game on my iPod and my sonic run fast then he shouls

Why is sonic naked?

He wouldn't be able to run as fast if he had pants on.

Why does Sonic run?

Because he likes running and moving fast.

Can you be sonic?

Only if you get the sonic wig and were blue red and white sneakers and the gloves and you have to run really fast

How fast can shadow the hedgehog run?

shadow can run as fast as sonic. which means he runs at speed of sound.

Sonic unleashed how does werehog run?

rt or lt Not very fast

What makes Sonic the Hedgehog run so fast?

His red sneakers

How fast can Hyper Sonic run?

88.690 miles per minute

Why is sonic really fast but shadow isn't?

Because uncle chuck made sonic those shoes he wears to let him run at sonic speed.

Can sonic run fast without his shoes?

Well he's probally fast with is shoes on but i think he is without them

How does sonic run so fast?

In the first Sonic game, it came from his shoes, called Power Sneakers. This idea was abandoned when Sonic was seen wearing different shoes but running just as fast.

Who was sonic the hedghog?

sonic is created by SEGA and sonic team makes the games. sonic is a blue hedgehog that can run really fast. he has tons of friends and he always beats eggman

Who is faster sonic or flash?

sonic cause sonic could go super if that did not work he could go hyper flash can't run as fast as sonic