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First - convert the sound to and electric signal (use a microphone).

Second - store the electrical signal (mechanically on a phonograph OR magnetically on tape).

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What is the loudest sound ever recorded?

The loudest sound ever recorded was from a fighter jet

Loudest sound ever recorded?

The loudest sound ever recorded are rock concert speakers.

How long can recorded sound clips be in DSi Sound?

about 12 or 13 sec

What is the loudest animal sound ever recorded?


How was Johnny Cash sound recorded for the Johnny Cash Show?

He recorded his songs in a studio and then he put it in the show.

What is the history of recorded sound?

Scroll down to related links and look at "History of sound recording - Wikipedia".

What is audio?

Audio quite simply is sound. It is typically used to refer to sound that is transmitted, recorded, or reproduced.

How do you copyright sound music?

Protection is automatic as soon as it is recorded.

What property of sound allows it to be recorded?

The vibration of air or a material.

How do you set a recorded sound as your ringtone on the lg 800g?

you can't......

What is the function of sound Recorder?

The function of a sound recorder is to record audio from a microphone or headset. These recorded audio files can be saved in .wav. The .wav files are compressed or uncompressed recorded audio files.

What is the biggest sound an animal has made ever recorded?

According to my knowledge it is a whale it can produce 185 decibels of sound

When taking blood pressure the first tapping sound heard is recorded is the first sound systolic or diastolic?


How is sound recorded?

by a computer stupid!no evidently this is not the answer that people were looking for and the person calling people stupid is the stupid one. sorry to break it to you. the real answer however is that the wavelengths are recorded when a person is talking. so now you know that sound is not just recorded "by a computer" stupid.

How do you increase an mp3 sound quality without downloading anything?

Commercially recorded MP3s should have fine sound quality so the problem is probably your speakers. If you are trying to improve sound quality on something you recorded, you are out of luck without investing in some software.

What was a device for playing recorded sound from the 1870s through 1980s?

it is a phonograph

What is the brief history of geography?

Before the age of recorded sound in motion ...

What turns sound into electricity so music can be recorded?

We usually use a microphone to convert the mechanical energy of sound into electrical energy so it can be processed and recorded.add The general class to which a microphone belongs is that of Transducer (= lead across), and sound to electric is only one of many.

How audio sound is recorded onto stored on and played back from a CD?


What was the first song recorded on Chamillionaire's The Sound Of Revenge?

void in my life i think

Who has recorded versions of Speed of the sound of loneliness?

My prefered version is Kim Carnes'

Are there any flashbacks on a sound of thunder by Ray Bradbury?

There are no flashbacks recorded for this novel.

Does your voice sound different recorded?

Many people may not like this answer, but the way you sound on a recording is the way you really sound. The voice you hear when you talk or sing is not your real voice.

Are Manolis Angelopoulos songs copyrighted and can they be re-recorded?

Songs and sound recordings of Manolis Angelopoulos will be protected by copyright through 2059, but can be re-recorded as long as you have a license from the coypright holder.

If ive recorded myself singing and want it to sound better which program would you use?

You can use audacity to help clear up the sound