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How does spiritomb evolve?

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Spiritomb can't evolve.

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You cannot evolve Spiritomb because it is not capable of evolving.

No, he doesn't or she doesn't

As of Generation IV, no.

if you mean spiritomb a noctowl does,nt evolve. you get spiritomb at the broken tower when you talk to 35 people underground trust me.

no. you can get male spiritomb.

No, Spiritomb isn't a legendary.

breed a ditto with a spiritomb

Ghost and Dark. He has no weakness!

One good move for spiritomb is dark pulse. One good move for spiritomb is dark pulse.

If you got your own spiritomb in platinum, Cynthia would still have her spiritomb.

Spiritomb is unavailable in any games from Generation I, II, and III.

The Spiritomb in Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum is level 25.

Meet 62 people underground then go to spiritomb place.

Spiritomb is Dark/Ghost and has no type weaknesses.

Yes, any Pokemon can breed. Except legendaries, where the only breed able legendary is manaphy, and manaphy only breeds a phione, which does not evolve to manaphy.

nothing is super effective against spiritomb and sableye

The Sinnoh League Champion "Cynthia" has a Spiritomb.

You can not find a Spiritomb in Heartgold. The only way is to trade it or by getting through the Pokewalker.

Spiritomb isn't in Pokemon Silver, Gold, or Crystal at all.

Spiritomb- Get Odd Keystone, Place in tower and talk to 32 people underground Drapion- Safari Game (or evolve Skorupi) Sneasel- Route 206, 217, Snowpoint Temple, Lake Acuity Weavile- Evolve Sneasel

Spiritomb is Ghost and Dark Type. Extra Information: To catch Spiritomb, you need to place an Odd Keystone in the Hallowed Tower in Route 209 and have 32 conversations with a friend underground (You will catch Spiritomb in 25 lv.) Hope I helped :)

The shiny Spiritomb appear in the Hallowed Tower. To get them you must place the Odd Keystone in the tower, and then meet 30 people in the Underground. The Spiritomb will then appear in the Hallowed Tower.