How does substance abuse affect the community?

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  • Substance abuse can affect the community because often people on illegal drugs will steal by break and entering into people's homes in the community; murder even if accidental; putting fear into the community; finding drug paraphernalia littered on streets or back alleys; parks where children may be playing and on and on it goes. The person on drugs just needs their fix whether it is a narcotic or alcohol and often will do anything or steal even from their own families to get what they want. They can be dangerous depending on what type of drugs they are on.
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Why does substance abuse affect relationships?

Answer . This is one of those "which came first, the chicken or the egg?" questions. A lot of people abuse chemicals (including alcohol) because there is an underlying emo

How does child abuse AFFECT the Community?

It does because we us the people see it dont do nothing about it.. and wel l more than 2,000 kids die in one year . . WE HAVE TO PUT IT STOP IN CHILD ABUSE!!! . THE MAJIR

How does child abuse affect communities?

Child abuse impacts how state welfare systems handles abuse cases.Additional tax monies are used to prosecute abusers and for socialservices workers to investigate each case.

How does drug abuse affect the community?

It will affect the community because the people outside of it will think that the area is a bad area and then people that really are bad willl think they should come there

How does substance abuse affect an individual?

iT RESULTS IN DEATH. Death of your mental processes, death of your personality, death of your ability to relate to reality, death of your career, death of your social status,

Who or what does abuse affects?

Abuse effects women, men, children, animals all the same, whether it be mentally, physically, or emotionally; it's all the same. However, it's more common to happen to women t

How does abuse affect in the community?

Well, abuse effects the community in 5 ways. #1: It makes the victim more angry. #2: The abuser begins to feel more powerful. #3: The victim's world is turned upsid

How does substance abuse affect the individual, family, and community?

not wellthat's for sure. i am 12 years old and my brother who i loved and looked up to had a problem ill Tell u now every one in my family was destroyed by it my sister cant e

What causes substance abuse in adolescents?

Adolescents like to experiment. While no one sets out to become a drug addict, lots of people are curious enough to want to know what it feels like to use some particular drug
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Who is affected by substance abuse and dependence?

Substance abuse and dependence cut across all lines of race, culture, education, and socioeconomic status, leaving no group untouched by their devastating effects.
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How do substance abuse and dependence affect society?

an important factor in a wide variety of social problems, affecting rates of crime, domestic violence, sexually transmitted diseases (including HIV/AIDS), unemployment, homele
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How can substance abuse be a factor of abuse of a child?

It"s like high pressure steam and an air compressor on the same piston rod, one drives the other and the pressures increase. Things can go over the RED Line very easily.
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How is drug abuse different from substance abuse?

These terms are often used interchangeably, however, substance abuse is a slightly broader category than drug abuse, since some of the substances that people abuse are not rea
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How can substance abuse impact on the community?

Substance abuse affects the most important age group of thesociety. Late teen agers! This group becomes useless as well asharmful to the society. The trauma to the parents and