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It pretty much relates to "osmolality"... The chemical concentration of a liquid will shift fluid through a semipermiable membrane to "balance" the chemical concentration on either side of that membrane... As the complex chemical sugar begins to disolve in the mouth & throat, the (high) concentration of the organic chemicals begins to pull fluid from the (mucus) tissue in order to "balance" the concentration of that fluid (osmolality) on either side of the tissue wall ( "pulls" the mucus ('fluid'] from the tissue) ... That, plus the drying effect of the sugar is probably is what causes the coughing. That's my story & I'm sticking to it...!!


AnswerI don't know any reason why sugar would cause an increase in mucus, however dairy products can. AnswerSugar wouldn't cause the mucus and, in fact, if you have the hiccups and take a teaspoon of sugar it gets rid of those hiccups for me. I use this as a last resort. As the other poster said dairy products such as milk, ice cream, cottage cheese, yogurt can cause mucus in the throat. It sounds like you could have some type of infection, or possibly on a medication where one of the side effects is "dry mouth" and once you introduce a liquid you can get a build-up of mucus. Most people never realize that usually the inside of the ear canals are often the culprit for many sore throats. If you smoke (even Marijuana) you can get mucus. I'd see your doctor to find out if your body is fighting anything off and if not, then your body is probably dehydrated and you need to drink those 8 8 ounce glasses of water every day!

Either eating pineapple or drinking Pineapple Juice (any acidic juice) will cut the mucus.


The following is in plainer English. Sorry, Gordon.

A website I found helpful was Here they explain that the sugar is good because it works to draw out the mucus. So, I guess it doesn't cause mucus!



The lactose in milk is the reason we get sick from too much dairy product. Lactose, like all other sugar types ups the production of mucus, sending it to your throat, nasal cavaties and ears. I always thought that this was common knowledge, but I guess not.


Mucus is caused by the body, as it uses alkaline materials to get rid of any acidic waste that it needs to, at that stage in time... if we don't want the mucus, we need to avoid making our bodies react in this way.

If you would like to understand your body and why it reacts the way it does, Google acid alkaline and/or pH Miracle...

Gordon you are fantastic. Finally someone gets it. It's so simple to. I suffered for years due to this. Low carbohydrate eating has set me free.


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What can cause croup cough sore throat on one side only?

yes if one side sore throat or bouth cough produce

Can eating ice cause a sore throat or cough?


Why do drier foods cause cough like bread?

They can stick in your throat.

Does acid reflux cause sore throat and a slight cough?


Can Allergies cause you to cough and clear your throat?

Yes I have this right now...its lame

How do you do oral with a halls cough drop?

You shouldn't do oral with a halls cough drop as it can become lodged in your throat and cause you to have a choking emergency.

Can acid reflux cause a cough?

it could, as sometimes when the acid comes up from the stomach into their mouths, sometimes hurting their throat. It is much like when you throw up, your throat hurts afterwards. So yes it could sometimes cause a cough.

How does whooping cough cause and effect us?

Whooping cough is a horrible cough that blocks your throat up with mucus, followed by coughing. i once had to be put into hospital for this as my throat had closed over. :L Wasn't really nice. Cause - Flu, or other cold effect - hospitalization or other types of medical issues.

How is dry cough produced when patients taking ace inhibitors?

ACE-inhibitors cause an increase in bradykinin, this can cause a dry cough in some patients.

How do you cure cough?

Yes. There are ways to reduce the severity of a cough. Try taking cough medicine.You need to find the cause of the cough before it can be treated. Mucous production from a cold that runs down the back of the throat, a sore throat from a bacterial infection, and many more. See the doctor for more help.

What sickness do you have if you have a cough and sore throat?

step throat

Why do you cough when you get a sore throat?

You cough because your body is trying to get rid of whatever is causing the sore throat.

What could be wrong if you keep coughing but you don't have a cold and you just got your tonsils out?

Any irritation to the throat, bronchial tubes or lungs can cause a cough. Having your tonsils removed definitely irritates your throat and can cause a cough. However, to know for sure what is causing the cough and to find out if the cough could cause a problem after the recent tonsillectomy (such as trigger bleeding), it would be good to contact the surgeon who removed your tonsils and report the cough for them to determine what, if any, treatment you may need.

Does tussionex Ext-Rel cause a person to cough or does it suppress a cough?

tussionex EXT-REL suppresses a cough

What happens when you have chest pain?

you might have a sour throat and might cough frequently and can cause head aches

Can Anxiety cause a perpetual cough?

Definitely. I constantly cough when I am upset/anxious/nervous. When I am not and am feeling very happy, my cough is almost non-existant. Also, lpr or larynesophogeal reflux disease (bring acid up from your stomach into your throat) even a few times can cause irritation to the throat and cause coughing. If it is not anxiety for you and lpr, nexium 40mg twice per day will be the best - at least it was for me.

Can cough drops help get rid of strep throat?

Over the counter cough drops will not affect the bacterial infection in somebody who has strep throat but, they may prevent it from being passed to others if the cough drops calm the throat enough that you don't cough on other people.

How much damage does bordetella pertussis cause?

It can cause damage to an adult but is more dangerous to young children. It can cause permanent disabilities in infants and can even be fatal.Also known as whooping cough or 100 day cough, the disease attacks about 300,000 people annually. It can attack the nose mouth and throat of a person and make you vomit or stop breathing.

Where does bodetella pertusis infect?

B. pertussis is the cause of "Whooping Cough" and infects the throat and nasal passages and bronchai tubes.

Can the uvula at the back of the throat be too long and cause a continual cough?

Yes the uvula can grow and have to be surgically trimmed back.

What can you do to soothe your throat?

The easiest way to sooth your throat is by using a cough drop.

What does green mucus from cough mean?

Well thats is what is causing you to cough the mucus its tickling your throat you have to try and cough it up or have a green tea with honey and lemon in it its really nice and it will sooth your throat.

What do expectorants do?

when you cough to clear you throat way.

What do you do when throat hurts and you cough?

get some medication

What is another word for cough?

spasm of the throat.

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