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How does sulfur dioxide cause air pollution?


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Sulfur dioxide (SO2) results from the combustion of fuels containing sulfur or sulfurous chemicals, the combustion of H2S in flares, paper production, and the smelting of ores containing sulfides.

SO2 exhausted to the atmosphere may cause respiratory problems in sensitive individuals such as asthmatics. It can also cause damage to plants and trees, such as the reddening of pine needles. It can hasten the corrosion of iron and other metals.

If the SO2 combines with water vapour, it can cause acid precipitation which can erode metal and limestone, impact the ionic balance of clay soils, fade paints and change the pH of river and lake water to the detriment of fish and other aquatic organisms.

In all of these cased the impact of atmospheric SO2 is to combine with water in plant ot animal cells, atmospheric water, or standing water to make sulfurous acid (H2SO3). If the SO2 oxidizes in the atmosphere to sulfur trioxide (SO3) it can combine with water to form sulfuric acid (H2SO4) with stronger environmental chemical reactions.


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Yes, Most active volcanoes release sulfur dioxide and carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, which causes air pollution. Some componetents of volcanic ash may be toxic as well.

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car emits carbon dioxide in air and some harmful gases too. Gases like carbon dioxide,carbon mono oxide, sulfur etc .This make lead to air pollution.due to this we are facing the crisis of global warming

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Basically, sulfur dioxide is a acidic gas. As acid reacts with alkali, carbonates and metals, all 3 are actually ideal to remove sulfur dioxide. However, in the context of removing sulfur dioxide due to air pollution, reacting sulfur dioxide with alkali and carbonate would be more appropriate. For example, removing sulfur dioxide with calcium carbonate would result in calcium sulfate, water and carbon dioxide.

lichens are sensitive to sulfur dioxide, they are biological indicators. The cleaner the air the more lichens will grow. Therefore if there are houses right by a road, if you look on the roof there would be less lichens as there would be more sulfur dioxide in the air because of pollution. Hope this helps By Troy Flynn

this affect planets and animails by the air pollution. Coming from the air pollution is carbon dioxide with kill animals by the old oxgyen laying on there food, which then the animals eat. Plants will also die by air pollution, by atmosphere carbon dioxide which then it burns to the soil and kills the roots then leading to no more plants for the animals to eat.

Eruptions of Kilauea Volcano release large quantities of sulfur dioxide Locally, sulfur dioxide gas can lead to acid rain and air pollution downwind from a volcano

The main problem with sulfur dioxide in atmosphere is the influence for acid rain. Sulfur dioxide molecules can react with rainwater to form sulfuric acid. Additionally, as sulfur dioxide is irritant to breathe, it may cause respiratory hazards too.

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