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How does sulphurous acid rain form?

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What you love about the the rain?

sulphurous acid is what i love about rain

What is acid rain made of?

Acid rain can be made of excess sulphur particles that are used in industry. These sulphur particles then dissolve in rain water to form sulphurous acid.

What two acids are produced in rain clouds?

Sulphurous acid ,sulphuric , carbonic & nitric acid

What acid and base was found in rainwater?

Acids in rain water: Sulphuric acid Nitric acid Sulphurous acid Nitrous acid

Where do you find acid rain?

any where a factory is producing smoke that contains a gas which produces an acid when combined with water. Carbon-dioxide does, but very weakly. The main "acid rain" producer is Sulphur Dioxide, dissolving in water to form sulphurous acid.

Sulphurous acid is a physical or chemical reaction?

Sulphurous acid is not a reaction (chemical or physical); the sulphurous acid (H2SO3) is a chemical compound.

What is acid rain composed of?

Rain is naturally somewhat acidic (pH 5.5) due to carbon dioxide dissolved in the water. Problem acid rain also has dissolved sulphur dioxide and nitrogen oxides which form sulphurous and nitrous acids.

Does acid rain form when certain gases in the air mix with rain?

when gases like SO2, NO2, etc (effluents from the vehicles) are released into the atmosphere the combine with water vapour in the air to form mild acids of sulphuric and sulphurous acid, and nitric acid, etc. These when pour upon the earth fall down as acid rain.

Is sulphurous acid a base?

Its name is "sulphurous acid". So it is quite obviously an acid, not a base!

What is the chemical formula for sulphurous acid?

H2SO3 is the chemical formula for sulphurous acid.

What is reacted with oxygen in air to form sulphurous acid?

sulfur dioxide

Why is aqueous SO2 is referred as sulphurous acid?

In water SO2 reacts to form H2SO3 which is sulfurous acid.

Name of acid H2SO3?

sulphurous acid

Is H2SO3 acid?

yes, it is known as the Sulphurous acid, but it exists only in aqueous solution and can not be isolated in pure form it is an acid with moderate strength.

What acid does sulfur dioxide form?

Sulphur dioxide is an intermediate towards producing Sulphurous acid. It is a chemical compound produced by volcanoes, burning coal and petrol, such fumes passing into the air produce acid rain thus are a cause for being an environmental concern.

What is a Type of acid that is caused by pollutants that combine with water in the air?

Sulphur dioxide mixes with water vapour to form sulphurous and sulphuric acid.

What is the nym of this compound H2SO3?

Sulphurous acid

When so2 dissolved in water then acid formed is?

It forms Sulphurous Acid

What is formed whem Sulfur dioxide reacts with water?

Sulphurous acid is formed when sulphur dioxide dissolves in water. Sulphuric acid is formed when sulphur trioxide dissolves in water. Over time, sulphurous acid will oxidize to sulphuric. SO2 + H20 -> H2SO3 (sulphurous acid) SO3 + H20 -> H2SO4 (sulphuric acid)

Which of man's activities contribute to forming acid rain?

Mostly the burning of fossil fuels which contain amounts of sulphur, such as coal. The gases produced from the burning dissolve in water in the atmosphere to form sulphurous and sulphuric acids.

Define acid rain?

Acid rain is rain or any form of precipitation that is unusually acidic.

What is the name of the acid found naturally in rainwater?

Sulphuric acid Nitric acid Sulphurous acid Nitrous acid

Which acid is formed when sulfur dioxide dissolved in water?

It forms Sulphurous Acid

What is the chemical symbol for sulphurous acid?

It's H2SO3

What happens when sulfur dioxide reacts with water?

H2O + SO3 ----> H2SO4(aq.)They react to form Sulphuric AcidSO2 + H2O ===> H2SO3 (sulphurous acid)

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