How does surface area affect temperature?

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Surface area does not really affect temperature. It affects heat transfer. A car's radiator has thousands of fins that increase the surface area to increase heat transfer between the air and water. The radiator is a heat exchanger that follows the rules found here

Based on heat transfer, surface area can indirectly affect temperature. If your house is surrounded by a paved road the temperature will not be as warm as if it were located in the center of a huge parking lot. The larger parking lot area can convert more radiant energy from the sun and release more to the air surrounding your house.

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Does surface area affect rate of reaction?

The rate of a reaction is affected by surface area, concentration, and temperature.

Factors that affect the evaporation?

atmospheric pressure exerted on the liquid's surface, temperature, surface area of the liquid

How does the surface of an object affect its temperature?

Higher the surface area of an object, higher is its ability to radiate heat.

What are two factors that affect how fast water will evaporate?

Temperature and surface area

How do temperature and increasing surface area affect nuclear decay?

there is no effect of either

How does the angle of light affect the temperature of a surface?

How does the angle of light affect the temperature of a surface?

What do concentration surface area and temperature have in common?

They can all affect the rate of a chemical reaction.

What are the 3 factors that affect how quickly diffusion occurs?

Surface area Temperature Concentration gradient

How does temperature affect surface tension?

As the temperature rises, surface tension decreases.

What are the factors that affects sollubilty?

the factors that affect sollubilty are * stirring * temperature * state of subdivision * the surface area

What factors affect the rate of active transport?

concentration of oxygenconcentration of glucosetemperature(they all affect the rate of respiration and hence affect the rate of active transport)Note that surface area can also affect the rate as the # of protein carriers will increase with increase in surface area.Mafruha

What three things affect the rate of diffusion?

length, surface area, concentration gradient, temperature and molecular weight

What factors affect rate of reaction apart from temperature catalyst concentration?

The surface area of reactants and light also may affect the rate of a reaction.

How does surface area affect friction?

As the surface area increases so does the friction.

What conditions affect diffusion?

Factors that may affect Diffusion rates are: Temperature, Concentration, Different tissue types, Molecular size, Surface area to volume ratio.

What factors affect the dissolving of aspirin?

Concentration of reactant, temperature and surface area like texture. Also if there is a catalyst involved.

How would the shape of an object affect the rate of change in temperature?

The larger the surface area the faster the rate of heat loss will be.

What are five factors that affect that rate of a chemical reaction?

The nature of the reactants Surface area exposed Concentration Temperature Catalyst

What factors affect evaporation rate sientific answer?

Vapor pressure of the liquid, ambient pressure, temperature, and surface area of the liquid.

What factor can affect the rate of diffusion?

the factors which affect the rate of diffusion are: temperature, surface area, diffusion distance, size of particles,permeability,and concentration difference.

How does surface area affect evaporation?

The larger the surface area is, the higher the rate of evapouration.

How can the hydrosphere affect the atmoshere?

The most major affect the hydrosphere has on the atmosphere would be evaporation. As water transfers between the two, it evaporates at a rate equivalent to the surface temperature of the area. As you reach the equator, the surface temperature rises, which causes more water to evaporate at the hydrosphere.

What are five factors that affect the rate of a chemical reaction?

TemperaturePressureConcentration (and homogeneity)Surface areaThe presence of catalysts or inhibitors

What are 3 things that affect the rate of a chemical reaction?

concentration, temperature, surface area and the use of a catalyst aswell as the angle and pressure

How those several factors can affect the rate of chemical reaction?

temperature surface area presence of catalyst concentration of solvent (if any)