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How does sweating stop us overheating?

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The sweat causes moisture on our bodies which is cooled by the outside air, especially if there is a breeze.

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How does an endotherm prevent its body from overheating?

By sweating.

How can you prevent sweating?

Ummm sweating is a natural reaction from your body to keep you from overheating. I am pretty sure there is no way, or at least no safe way, to prevent sweating.

How can you stop yourself sweating?

You can't Its Natural to cool your body down. So you can't Stop Sweating.

How does the body prevent itself from overheating during exercise?

Sweating. It cools the body down

Why sweating occur?

Sweating, also known as persperation, occurs when the body is being used to do tasking work. sweating cools your body's internal temperature, in turn keeping you from overheating and heat-stroke occurring

How do you stop your control panel from displaying stop engine engine overheating when the vehicle is not overheating?

Black duct tape

Is sweat good for the body of a human?

Kinda-sorta. If you get warm, sweating protects you from overheating, which is a good thing. But there's no health benefit from sweating if you don't need it.

How is your body cooled down when you perspire?

By evaporation of the water in the perspiration. When water evaporates, heat energy is absorbed. It is the sweat that cools you. That is your bods way of not overheating. You really need to worry when you stop sweating.

What causes sweating?

A person sweats to keep the body cool during activity to prevent overheating. Sweating is good for people because toxins in the body are also released.

How can you stop sweating from your male genitalia?

The best way to stop sweating is to not think about sweating. The reason you sweat is because of the ideas you run about it. If you keep your mind free of all the thoughts you can become dry and not sweat. <a href=""/>Stop Sweating by utilizing the brain</a>

Is there a medication to stop the body from overheating?


How does the body use blood to stop the body overheating during exercise?

how does the blood help to stop the body overheating during exercis

How do you stop underarms sweating?

Wear deoderant..

How can you stop your laptop fron turning off automaticaly when it overheats?

stop it from overheating

How do you stop sweating hands?

Wear oven gloves.

How do you stop sweating from caffeine?

drink some water

How does thick fur help a camel?

a camel needs thick fur to stop it from sweating to much, thussaving water. also it reflects sun rays.

Will a radiator leak cause overheating?

Yes! Also a good flush will improve its performance. And may stop the overheating.

How do you stop a 71 super beetle from overheating?

In order to stop the car from overheating, your going to have to find the underlying cause. If you do not have expertise in this area, you will have to find someone who does. Maybe a friend or a mechanic. I would recommend you do this immediately. Extreme overheating can damage the engine.

What does it means when your feet sweats?

it probably means that your feet are overheating, or you have been wearing shoes/socks for too long. The best thing to do is walk around your home barefoot... drink green tea every day and your feet will stop sweating.

What brand of girls deodorant helps girls stop sweating?

Any that says "Antiperspirant" on it. Deodorants without antiperspirants just mask odor with a scent. Antiperspirants stop sweating.

How do you prevent or stop sweating - or excessive sweating - of the head?

To stop sweating is not healthy as sweating is the bodies natural way to cool itself, but there are different things you can do to stop sweating so much. You can prevent excessive sweating of the head with some small adjustments to your everyday routine, like using an antibacterial soap like Safeguard and using a loofah (this keeps your pores clear so your skin can "breathe" and keep you cooler). You can also be sure to wear light colored, cotton, loose fitting clothing.

How can you stop over sweating?

Try adjusting the temperature/climate.

What are sweat rugs used for?

to stop horses sweating to much

You want to know how to stop from sweating because you are wearing jeans to a party and it will be kindof hot?

sweating is the bodys way of cooling down. if your sweating its because your hot, you cant stop sweating, its a natural body function, however, there are some products that will reduce the sweat, like anti-perspirants. anti-perspirants with aluminum oxide in them are very effective, just make sure your not illergic... & you'll probably find that they are not good for you anyway. us the anti-perspirant where ever you don't want to sweat.