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It makes things cool and stuff. I like reddit.

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Q: How does technology affect a workplace?
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How change in political culture affect a workplace?

It shouldn’t affect the workplace since people shouldn’t be talking politics.

How did the end of the war affect women in the workplace?

it ended economic opportunities for women

How does your personal hygiene affect health and safety in the workplace?

Your personal hygiene may affect the way your coworkers respond to you, but it does not affect health and safety in the workplace.

How does technology affect the workplace?

More workplaces are using Computers, and Computer related devices to speed production, reduce cost and unfortunately reduce the required workforce.

How has technology influenced the workplace?

it has made people weak and lazy

Advantages of communication technology at the workplace?

Your computer does the hard work

Which of the following is not an affect of technology on farming?


What are possible topics for tybsc it project?

Um, impact of technology on the workplace, future technology in the service of human evolution

How did the Iron age affect technology?

it can affect the technology because of the gravity of earth

How do technology advances affect the spread and use of the internet?

How do technology advances affect the spread and use of the internet?How do technology advances affect the spread and use of the internet?

What three factors that affect health and safety in the workplace?

Personnel,procedures and equipment all play a role in safety in the workplace.

What are the factors that affect organizational behavior?

The workplace, workers, and boss are factors that affect organizational behavior.

How does technology affect the future generations to come?

technology is the world

What might affect the communication skills and abilities of individuals in your workplace?

which could affect individuals' communication skills and abilities

How technology affect hrm practice?

it can affect because of the technology some hrm cannot determine wether the worker can use or can operate with the use of technology!!1

What is the main function of workplace consultative committees?

It's lack of Information Technology knowledge in industries.

How does physics affect the development of technology?

Because the physics optimistic the technology without physics there can be technology.

How does technology affect the water cycle?

Technology can pollute the water cycle.

Does technology affect about climate change?

advancements in technology mean degradation of nature. technical developments invariably affect climate..

How science and technology affect man's belief practice and ways of thinking?

how science and technology affect peoples beliefs on thinking

How does chemical technology affect the students?

the children may affect on chemical technology cause by addicted to a example laptop,computer

How does music affect technology?


How did technology affect city life?


How does science and technology affect your food?

It does not

How the technology affect the distribution channels?

is the time of digitization... technology has huge affect on any distribution..its either product or either news