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The industrial revolution and the use of fossil fuels has, as an example , allowed us to cut down forests rapidly, deplete fish stocks, pollute the air and waterways, and all these things threaten biodiversity. But , technology can also help us turn the corner and repair the damage being done by our use of non-renewable energy. For instance, computers and satellites are helping scientists to understand how human activity is affecting the planet, and technology has found ways of harnessing renewable energy, and growing food more efficiently. The internet has hightened environmental awareness , and the importance of maintaining biodiversity.

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Q: How does technology affect biodiversity?
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Humans are part of biodiversity

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Science observes biodiversity in the biome and technology informs planners assessing the biodiversity's regenerative capabilities despite competitive resource usage.

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Type your answer here... no, neutral mutations do not affect biodiversity as they are a simple change which does not affect the organism in any way

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Biodiversity makes the ecosystem more stable.

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Factors that affect biodiversity in an ecosystem inculde area,climate,diversity of niches,and keystone species.

The Factors that affect the BIODIVERSITY of an ecosystem.?

The factors that affect biodiversity of an ecosystem are moisture content, organic matter, Simpson's index of diversity and the pH of the soil.

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If you loose biodiversity then the types/numbers of organisms that can live in an ecosystem is restricted.

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