How does technology change to meet the need of people?


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Eventually technology will become so advanced and useful that it causes the human race to stop evolving. Thomas Malthus pointed out that during times of famine and poverty population rates go down. Charles Darwin took this idea and created how evolution works, which is that only the fit survive that is only people who have the best genetics live on to reproduce. Because Technology works to fix the hardships of people, the people no longer need to adapt to the problem. Because we don't evolve to be weak or insufficeint there will be no new problems developing. That said it isn't how technology changes to meet the needs of people it is how technology grows so that there are no more needs.


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Danh's answer [ because this will definitely vary depending on the person you ask, here's my answer. first, you must understand what technology is. technology is creating new tools for needs. As people's needs differ and become more advanced, the technology people use will also become more advanced. For example, as the need for handy pocket devices and portability came to society, technology and innovation "gave" the world laptops and iPhones. And as the desires and needs of people become more complex, the technology will change and evolve based on their needs ]

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