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Technology helps professionals keep organized, communicate better, and effectively keeps businesses secure. Technology helps keep employee information and business paper work more organized using computers and software. Computers and software also make it easier to communicate with people using emails and memo's. Better alarm systems, cameras, and online banking, make security measures considerably more efficient.

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Q: How does technology help professionals be more effective?
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Technology may influence the importance of a training professional's role in both positive and negative manners. Technology can make material better organized and more easily attainable. This can help the trainer to be more productive, but could also eliminate the need for a human in the role of trainer.

Is information technology helping managers be more effective and efficient?

Information technology helps managers to be more effective and efficient by faster processing of data and easier retrieval of information. Orders are processed much faster, leading to more business. Technology keeps information fresh and up-to-date.

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Too expensive to be practical. Existing technology has been established to be significantly more cost-effective. Too expensive to be practical. Existing technology has been established to be significantly more cost-effective.

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it will be difficult to balance, tradion is more backward and technology is more forward, tradition can help to limit some technology danger and misuse.

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With advances in science and technology people were able to find ways to make machinery more effective and more economy friendly. Because of these two factors people could create more and more machines which boosted the economy, which therefore funded research for even more effective machines, and on and on.

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Yes. With less money spent on landfills, governments can focus more on technology.

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