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How does the 7th amendment affect the us today?

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How does the 15th amendment affect us today?


How does the 14th amendment affect us today?

it protects our rights!

How does the 21st amendment affect us today?

the 21st amendment allows us to ship make and sell alcohol

How does the Sixth Amendment affect us today?

idek, u stupid

How does the 22nd amendment affect us today?

The 22nd amendment clearly states term limits for presidency.

How does the 7Th amendment apply today?

Are you serious people? I type in how it affects us and I get this! What the heck!

How does the eighth amendment affect us today?

Because if the 8th amendment was not passed then everyone coul be in jail faor being accused.

How does the third amendment affect the US today?

This amendment affects us today, because if this law was not passed, then soldiers could, at any time, come and practically live with you. When you still have to feed them and everything else.

How does The Fourth Amendment affect US society today?

the fourth amendment affects our society today because we still have rights as humans, we can be put to jail for crime, and most of all we shall not be violated.

How does the 17th amendment affect us today?

The 17th Amendment still affects the United States today because it allows for the states to have equal representation in the United States Senate. The 17th Amendment states that two senators are to be elected from each state.

How does the 26th amendment affect us today?

The 26th amendment lowered the voting age from 21 to 18. There is thousands of 18 year olds signing up to vote each year because of this amendment.

How does The Fifth Amendment affect US society today?

The Fifth Amendment projects each citizen of the US from being forced to testify against himself; it also allows him to procure a lawyer and defend himself in court.

The 13th amendment affect us how?

the 13th amendment abolishes slavery from america

How did Marie Curie polonium affect us today?

Polonium doesn't affect us today.

How does the third amendment affect you and your community?

it doesn't really but if the war came to the US it would have a big affect on us.

How did math and science of ancient Greece affect us today?

Math and science affect us today because

How does Galileo's work affect us today?

it affect us by bringing to us telescope.

What does the seventh amendment protect us from?

The 7th Amendment provides the right to trial by jury in civil cases.

How does Zeus affect us today?

hoew has zeus affected us today

How does the Greeks affect us today?

the greek civilization has affect on us today because they made a big affect in history. they invented beautification and democracy properly.

How do pyramids affect us today?


How does World War 2 affect the US today?

it affect us today because.... we miss the people that died fighting for our country.

How does the 22 amendment of the US Constitution affect your future?

it doenst. get over it.

How does the Renaissance affect us today?

The Renaissance affect us today because without the Renaissance we would not have art,science,literatureand more.

If radium and polonium was not discovered how would it affect us today?

Radium and polonium have many applications but they are not so important to affect us today.