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Q: How does the Black-footed Ferret adapts to its environment?
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What does blackfooted ferret play?

my ferret, kooperton, who is a blackfooted ferret plays tag and hide and go seek, he also plays aattack the human, and pulls off my socks. Ferrets play a lot and play everything

How does a frigate bird adapts to its environment?

it adapts to its environment fairly quickly :)

What is a way that a giraffe adapts to its environment?

what is a way that a giraffe adapts to its environment

How does your body respond to the environment?

it adapts to its environment sossages and cheese

How does a monkey adapted to its environment?

A Capuchin monkey adapts to environment

How living things adapts to the environment?

by adjusting

How does a snake adapt to live in it's environment?

A snake adapts to its environment by

How does a capuchin monkey adapted to its environment?

A Capuchin monkey adapts to environment

What does it mean when a plant or animal adapts to its environment?


What is a term for studying how the mind adapts to an environment?


What is the term for studying how the mind adapts to an environment?


What happens when the black footed ferret population goes down?

They stir upp the ground and help grow fresh grass for the grazers if they die the heards leave and lion and crocodile have nothing to hunt for so then they die to so if the blackfooted ferret dies then 3 animals will die

How does cuttlefish adapt to its environment?

it just does. I mean, it adapts well. Yeah.

What is an adaptation that disguises an organism?

Camouflage: When an animal adapts to the surrounding environment and changes its coloration to match the environment.

How do sharks adapt to their environment?

The shark adapts to its environment by moving to an environment where there is food.They adapt because they smell like kiwi fruit

How does the mutation rate affect the speed at which a population adapts to its environment?

it blends in with its surroundings.

What is structural adaptation for a crocodile?

the crocodile adapts t environment by eating all it can!!

What do ferrets eat naturaly?

Ferrets are carnivores so in the wild they eat meat but they have been bred to eat specially made ferret food. added : domestic ferrets, the ones you keep as pets, cannot and do not survive in the wild. They are 100% dependant on humans for food and shelter. There has never been, in recorded history, a case of a domestic ferret becoming feral. When a domestic ferret is "released" into the wild, it soon dies by predation, or starvation. The "wild" ferret is properly called the North American Blackfooted Ferret, and is highly endangered and protected. They were once thought to have become extinct, but have been reintroduced through a captive breeding and release program. It is illegal to own or bother a blackfooted ferret. In the wild, the blackfooted ferret eats mainly prairie dogs, (and then lives in their burrows)or any other animal it can overpower. Domestic ferrets, the ones kept as pets, should be fed a high protien diet of high quality meat-based cat food. They should NOT be fed dog food, as it does not contain enough nutrient for ferrets. Raw uncooked meats, such as beef, and chicken are also appreciated by domestic pet ferrets.

How man adapts himself to his environment?

well,man adapts his environment by seeing the positive things around him,how it helps him to survive w/his society.dealing people in connection w/the non-livingthings and livingthings here in earth.

How does labrador retrievers adapt to its environment?

by runnin roud in circles yhe labrador adapts.

Some vegetation in dry climates adapts to the hot environment by?

losing little water

How does the micro frog adapt to their environment?

The micro frog adapts to their environment in a number of ways. They must first adapt to the climate for example.

How has a chameleon adapted to its environment?

a cameleon adapts to its environment as it changes to the colour so say if it lived in an environment with grass it would go green to adapt with the grass

What is form fits function in biology?

Form-fit-function is a concept that an organism adapts to its environment.

What is one way a polar bear adapts to its environment?

It has white fur for camouflage when stalking prey