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How does the England Flag look like?

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The English Flag is white with a red cross in the middle, which extends to the edge of the flag.

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What does the flag of England look like?

The flag of England is a red cross in a white background, the red cross looks very thick.

What does Englans flag look like?

What does England's flag look like? It's a red cross on a white background. Look at this page on wikipedia and there is a picture of it there: http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/England

What does the royal flag of England look like?

Their flag is just like our white flag with a red cross on it exept it has one extra line going straight down

How does the palestinian flag look like?

what does the palestinian flag look like

Where can one find the New England flag?

A New England flag can be purchased at flag stores. Or, one could look at stores like Amazon or eBay, since flags are not easily found in most department stores.

What dose the Cuban flag look like?

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What does the India flag look like?

what is india flag looks like

What does the Norman flag look like?

normans flag is a viking flag

What douse indianas state flag look like?

what douse the astralian flag look like and what colours

What does Asia'sflag look like?

what does asia's flag look like

What did the unions flag look like?

The flag was basically the US flag now.

What does the flag in South Africa look like?

this is what the south Africa flag looks like

What does James Cook Flag look like?

James Cook's flag was the British flag.

When was Hawaii's flag adopted?

what did Hawaii flag look like when it was adopted

What does Montanas flag look like?

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What did Henry Hudson's flag look like?

It was the Dutch Crown flag.

What did the Spartan flag look like?

They did not have a national flag - these are modern inventions.

What did the first flag look like?

I think it looked like the bear flag revolt one

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