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The Gospel of Wealth was saying that everyone should get paid the same amount of money, where on the other side social Darwinism states that the strong will survive,

so your answer will be.....

the strong wouldn't be able to survive if everyone got paid the same amount of money, because then they would be just like everyone else.

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Q: How does the Gospel of Wealth help to justify the philosophy of Social Darwinism?
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What philosophy was used to justify the success of the so called robber barons?

Social Darwinism.

What did Social Darwinism justify?

Imperialism, eugenics.

What philosophy did Americans use for social progress?

Social Darwinism :)

What do the concept of the survival of the fittest was used to justify the?

Social Darwinism

Cite some examples of social Darwinism and Gospel of wealth in today's society?

social darwinism: the movement to cut down the national debt gospel of wealth: Oprah

What theory was used to justify claims of racial superiority?

its actually social Darwinism :)

How did social Darwinism justify industrialization?

All things evolved from earlier forms

The theory of Social Darwinism was often used to justify the?

formation of business monopolies

What was the theory of social Darwinism often used to justify?

formation of business monopolies

How did Europeans use of social Darwinism to justify empire building?

The europeans used Social Darwinism to justify their increase in emprie building with the justification that all creatures have and will still continue to evolve, and as such, there needed to be new accomodations met.

How did members of the Social Gospel feel about social Darwinism?

hmm i dont know good question

Was the philosophy that Americans with a great deal of money should use it for social progress?

Social Darwinism

How were the concepts of manifest destiny and social Darwinism used to justify conditions in the 1800s?

Manifest destiny and social Darwinism were used to justify horrible actions toward minority peoples during the 1800s. Manifest destiny was the idea that the US should expand westward, and was used to steal Native American lands. Social Darwinism was the idea that the lighter skinned people were, the better they were. It was used to justify institutional racism.

The theory of Social Darwinism was sometimes used to justify?

european imperialism in the late 19th century

How did Europeans use Social Darwinism to justify imperialism?

It provided a justification for colonizing "lesser" people

Theory used by many in the US to justify US involvement in Southeast Asia is known as the?

social Darwinism

How didi Europeans use Social Darwinism to?

The Europeans used Social Darwinism to justify their increase in empire building with the justification that all creatures have and will still continue to evolve, and as such, there needed to be new accommodations met.

Explain the philosophy of social Darwinism?

Society evolves in time and expands in time but within the limitations of its space.

How did imperialism come to be associated with Social Darwinism?

Social Darwinism justified imperialism. Post-Enlightenment, people started turning to science to answer life's questions and not religion. This new science of social Darwinism purported a hierarchy of beings. This, therefore, allowed imperialists nations to justify their exploitation and presence in other countries of 'inferior' peoples.

Darwinism was used to justify European imperialism in Asia and Africa What idea was used?

Social Darwinism is a idea that is similar to survival of the fittest. They used this idea to and divide preexisting areas or territories.

Many wealthy American industrialists of the late 19th century used the theory of Social Darwinism to?

Justify monopolistic actions

How did social Darwin effect World War 1?

Social Darwinism affected ww1 because people believed they were better than Russians and other European countries, because of social darwinism people could justify their cruel actions and feel ok about it. Social Darwinism was taken wayyy too far out of context than what Charles Darwin intended it. the belief in Darwinism caused rivalries between the different countries.

What did social darwinism discourage-?

Social Darwinism discouraged government regulation. The ideas associated with social Darwinism emerged in the 1870s.

How did the Gospel of Wealth use Darwinism to promote social reform?

It argued that the wealthy, who were fitter, should help the poor.

How did social Darwinism justify imperialism?

it justified that Whites should rule over other "weaker" races to help better the world.