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A green house works by keeping in moisture and humidity which most plants love. While still allowing sunlight in which adds even more moisture and humidity into the air by evaporating it from the soil. While it is usually possible to open windows on the walls or roof. It is done more to keep things in a temperature and humidity balance for the types of plants inside. when the light enters the greenhouse thermal energy is produced.

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Greenhouse effect causes gases to trap in atmosphere, It increases the temperature.

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Glass and plastic greenhouses work via solar radiation from the sun. The suns solar radiation warms the things inside the greenhouse (plants, soil, crops, etc) and helps them to grow.

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Q: How does the Greenhouse affect work?
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The 'Greenhouse affect' is global. It affects everywhere and everyone.

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The greenhouse affect has proven to be very hurtful to the environment.

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the greenhouse affect all human life.

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Greenhouse gases can cause ozone depletion. This depletion can affect children's skin easily.

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Greenhouse gases affect plants by affecting their growth cycle. Greenhouse gases contain high levels of carbon dioxide and methane, which limit nitrogen availability.

How does the greenhouse gases affect the air quality?


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Greenhouse gases work the way blankets work, by keeping heat in.

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Greenhouse in some ways affects us for good. It maintains the temperature of earth.

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Greenhouse effect is due to greenhouse gases. We have to stop their emission.

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