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They are fighting in wide open desert (little cover) and high temperatures which most of the soldiers aren't use too, but have to deal with. There is also the fear of lack of water, gases, bad equipment (gas masks, detoxification if there is a gas warning, vehicles that are not extremely protective against planted bombs) to name a few.

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Since 1900 which nations has Afghanistan fought wars with?

Oh yeah they fought a lot of wars staring with United Kingdom to Luxembourg

Name one war fought by the US in the 1900?

name one war fought by the united sates in the 1900. name one war fought by the united sates in the 1900.

What wars where fought since 1900?

Russo- Japanese War , Philippine- American war and Boer war.

What wars were fought in the United States during the 1900?

No wars were fought IN the United States during the 1900's

What war was fought in the 1900s?

The USA fought in WWI during the 1900's.

One war the us fought in the 1900's?

Philippine Insurrection 1900-1902.

What are the changes in the tower Hamlets since 1900?

what has changed in tower hamlets since 1900

Since 1900 with which nations has Afghanistan fought wars?

Afghanistan has been in a lot of wars. These include with many Middle Eastern nations as well as the United States.

How many presidents has America had since 1900?

20 presidents have served the US since 1900.

How many pregnancy cases in women since 1900?

How many pregnancy cases in women since 1900?

What has the average life span increased by since 1900?

Since 1900, the average life span has increased by 50%

What country fought for independence from the US and Spain in the 1900s?

The Spanish American war was fought for independence for Cuba in the 1900's.

What was one war the US fought in during the 1900?

The US only fought one conflict in 1900; the insurrection of the Philippine people...after the US had won that territory from Spain...during the Spanish-American War of 1898.

What is tractor invented 1900?

Most tractors were invented between the years of 1900 and 1960. Since that time, there have been many other new kinds of tractors that have been made.

Name one war fought by the us fought in the 1900?

No wars; only insurgencies. Boxer Rebellion in China & a Rebellion in the Philippines.

How Are Australia's Relationship With The Us?

Very strong, Australia and the US have fought together in all the main wars since 1900, we have a Free Trade Agreement, joint defense initiatives and the like.

How old are hamburgers?

since 1900

Who is the president since 1900 who didn't graduate from college?

Harry Truman is the only US President since 1900 who not graduate from college,

What was largest earthquake since 1900 struck?

I think the largest Earthquake since 1900 was in Chile (may, 1960) and it had a magnitude of 9.5

China's population since 1900?

The population in the country of China has grown a lot since 1900. In 1900, the population was around 415 million people and in 2014 the estimated population is over 1.3 billion.

What is the longest war since 1900?


How many deaths since 1900?


African wild dog population since 1900?

how many african wild dogs were their in 1900

What are the names of the two wars fought by the US in the 1900s?

The US fought in at least 4 wars in the 1900's. WW1 , WW2, Korea and Vietnam.

When did the Olympic games start taking place in other countries?

The modern Olympics started in 1896 in Greece and since 1900 they take place in other countries

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