How does the Olympic torch get from community to community?

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The winner was Alfred Hajos of Hungary in a time of 1:22.2.
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How do you communicate?

You can communicate through various ways like for example. If you are working in a organization you can talk with your fellow colleagues and communicate. In this 21st century technology has gone by leaps and bounds. You can communicate through telephone, through letters handwritten by you. Through ( Full Answer )

What does the Olympic torch mean?

The Olymipic Torch represents the EternalFlame . The Eternal Flame PROBABLYrepresents Hestia (Vesta), Greek goddess of the hearth. Or it couldrepresent Hephaestus (Vulcan), Greek god of fire.

What does the olympic torch symbolize?

The torch is suppose to be the eternal flame from ancient Greece to the modern world. The interesting thing about it is that it didn't exist and it was Hitler who started the tradition of carrying it into the games. Most people don't know that is where is comes from. T he idea of lighting an Olympi ( Full Answer )

What is a community?

Community is a group of individuals living together in one place for a long period of time.

What is communication?

The term 'Communication' has been derived from the Latin word 'communis' that means 'common'. Thus 'to communicate' means 'to make common' or 'to make known'. This act of making common and known is carried out through exchange of thoughts, ideas or the like. The exchange of thoughts and ideas can be ( Full Answer )

What is community?

A community is a collection of different populations that live together in an area. Communtiy mean one person wish to fullfill al his own desires but he can,t fulfill it so to fulfill these desires he need the help of others.So people want to live together.

Where is communism?

Contaray to public belief, communism technicaly doesn't exist. By definition, communism is the final stage of socialism where government seizes to exist. Many countries in Africa have no government, but this isn't communsim because that isn't n-government by design it is by civil war or war. But Chi ( Full Answer )

What is communism?

A Communist is one who adheres or claims to adhere to the theories of Karl Marx, often supplemented by the ideas of other thinkers. The Ideal of Communism espouses the idea that all people on Earth are in some way responsible for the well-being of their fellow man regardless of his ability to produc ( Full Answer )

What is a commune?

A commune is also called an "intentional community." It is a relatively small community whose members share common interests, work and income and often own property collectively. It is an autonomous community whose members have agreed, by free choice, to live a life of sharing by the principle ' ( Full Answer )

What is communalism?

Belief in or practice of communal ownership, as of goods and property. . Strong devotion to the interests of one's own minority or ethnic group rather than those of society as a whole. . Source:

How does a community get chosen to host the Olympics?

Cities bid to host the Olympics. It is basically a two step process. The city must have proper accomodations, security, transportation ect. It gets approved by the IOC (international olympic committee) executive board and they are considered canidates. In the second part, an evaluation committee ( Full Answer )

Has the olympic torch ever gone out?

Yes, if you are speaking about the flame that the Torchbearers are carrying. This is lit from the cauldron in Greece and next progresses on the relay. If by chance the flames goes out due to wind, stumble or ? there is always a backup flame (usually carried next to the Torchbearer) to relight the ( Full Answer )

When was the Olympic torch first used?

1936 Berlin Games . According to the New York times article the Olympic torch relay did not become a permanent part of the Olympics till the 1936 Berlin Olympic Games.

Who is lighting the 2008 Olympic torch?

Li Ning ( : 李宁; : 李寧; : Lǐ Níng;) is a famous gymnast and entrepreneur. He was ( Full Answer )

What is communicating?

The act of passing information from a sender to a receiver, with a return signal of confirmation of Ten-Four: message received and understood.

Was there an Olympic torch in the Ancient Olympics?

No. There was a sacred fire in the temple of Hestia at Olympia, which was never allowed to go out. But most Greek cities had one of those, it wasn't special to Olympia or to the time of the Games. And of course there was no need to bring a symbolic flame from Olympia to Olympia because the who ( Full Answer )

Why is the olympic torch so important?

the torch is important because it is an Olympic tradition that started in the year 1936. the torch is always carried from grease to the country where the Olympics is being held.

Where did the Olympic torch originate from?

The Olympic Flame or Olympic Torch is a symbol of the Olympic Games. Commemorating the theft of fire from the Greek god Zeus by Prometheus, its origins lie in ancient Greece, when a fire was kept burning throughout the celebration of the ancient Olympics.

Who invented the first Olympic torch?

In the sanctuary of Olympia, where the ancient Games took place, a flame burnt permanently on the altar of the goddess Hestia, but transportation of the flame to the site of the modern Olympics did not happen until the 1936 Games in Berlin. It was Carl Diem, Hitler's Games organizer, who proposed a ( Full Answer )

Why is there an Olympic torch relay?

The Olympic torch is a remnant of the flame from the previous Olympic games. The relay itself is to unify countries and spread the Olympic spirit.

In what way is the Olympic torch rekindled?

A ceremony is performed several months before the games start. The torch is ignited by using a parabolic mirror to concentrate the rays of the sun.

How do they get the olympic torch across the ocean?

I found on a site that said this: they actually do use a plane..they put the flame(s) in a special container so it doesn't go out..they also have multiple flames just i case that happens. What they do is put in something like a kerosine thing and turn way down they fly it We had special Torc ( Full Answer )

Can olympic torch bearers purchase the torch?

Yes. They can. I was lucky enough to run the torch in 1996 and I still have mine. I don't remember the exact amount, but it's fairly nominal for what you get.

Why is the Olympic torch at the Olympics?

The Olympic Flame or Olympic Torch is a symbol of the Olympic Games. Commemorating the theft of fire from the Greek god Zeus by Prometheus, its origins lie in ancient Greece, where a fire was kept burning throughout the celebration of the ancient Olympics.

What is is communication?

Communication is the process of making contact between two points or generally it is a transfer of information from one person or point to another.

What it communism?

Is a system that the government introduced. This made no one own private property and the government owned everything You can go to these websites: . http://www.wisegee ( Full Answer )

What do you do in communism?

Have you been to communist countries?I don't think so.I have been there and saw the truth you live normally of course in a different country than yours might be a little change for ya about how you live.But they live normally just like us . Wake up in the morning brushes teeth eats breakfast goes to ( Full Answer )

Where is the communism from?

Modern form of Communism is based upon Marxism which is the ideology presented by a sociologist Karl Marx in 1840s. The Marxism gathered the support across the Europe and under the support of Bolshevik Party the first communist government formed during the Russian revolution in early 20 th century. ( Full Answer )

What is Communication about communication?

it is the art and technique of using words effectively to impart information or ideas. it is the exchange of thoughts, messages or information as by speech, signals, writing, or behaviour.

Who did communism?

Communism was a philosophy started by German Philosophist Karl Marx. He wrote the "Communist Manifesto" which states his ideas.

Who held the torch in the Olympic games?

Wayne Gretzky lit the main torch outside by the harbor front. The torch inside was supposed to be lit by 4 different Canadian athletes. However during the opening ceremonies there was a glitch the the cauldron and only 3 of the 4 arms were erected. Rick Hansen arrived into BC place with the torch ( Full Answer )

When was Olympic torch 1st used?

The first modern day Olympic torch was used in the 1928 Summer Olympics in Amsterdam. The torch relay from Greece to the site of the Olympics was introduced in the 1936 Berlin Olympics by Carl Diem.

A list of Olympic torches for reference?

Summer Olympics Beijing 2008 Olympic Torch . Athens 2004 Olympic Torch . Sydney 2000 Olympic Torch . Atlanta 1996 Olympic Torch . Barcelona 1992 Olympic Torch . Seoul 1988 Olympic Torch . Los Angeles 1984 Olympic Torch . Moscow 1980 Olympic Torch . Montreal 1976 Olympi ( Full Answer )

What is in a community community?

Community contains everything good and cotains Cooperation and respect for others And good treatment and good word This is a community in our Religion

How many holes are on the olympic torch?

There are 8,000 holes on the Olympic torch. This is beacause there are 8,000 torch bearers. (They're the people who run with the torch.) Hope this helps and GO TEAM GB! WOO!

Is the olympic torch coming to oldham?

ive heard it is coming to oldham on the 24th of june 2012. allthough i dont know who is holding it. also im not sure where it will start and end.

Has the Olympic torch had an accident?

The Olympic torch went out while it was being carried by David Follett in the relay between Torrington and Bideford in Devon. The torch was re-lit by a standby flame which accompanies the torch in the chase vehicle.

Is it amazing to hold an Olympic torch?

Yes, it is amazing to hold the Olympic torch because you are not just holding a torch you are holding a torch that has been in the Olympics for 112 years

Was there an Olympic torch at the first Olympics?

No, not until the 1936 Olympics in Berlin. There was an Olympic Flame at the 1928 Olympics in Amsterdam, but it wasn't lit using a flame brought from Greece or anywhere.

What is the olympic torches purpose?

the Olympic torch stands for the sighns of peace, purity and resonwhen lighted the torch will travel from the last Olimpic games tothe next and will go into a bigger toch then the big flame willnever get put out until the games are done then it will start allover again

What is communism-?

Communism is a type of government which relies on thecollectivization of goods and labor to be equal to all the peoplebeing governed.