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How does the Undertaker roll his eyes back in his head?


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He looks up and keeps rolling them. It takes practice and also puts a lot of pressure on your eyes. I suggest you not do this to yourself . But if you are a wrestler than you can do it. I don't care because it is your life not mine. I just don't want you to be in the hospital from doing that!


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you look up and keep rolling your eyes

Your eyes can roll to the back of your head when you have a seizure - it is not the epilepsy medications that do this.

Yep.Rolling their eyes can protect them when attacking.

The stage of death when a person allows their eyes to roll back in their head and the eyes become fixed is clinical death or the end stage. This is the final stage of death.

lol its easy just look up real hard u have to be born to do that though 1st, close you eyes , head move down and open your eyes , dont let people see your eyes, then try to move up your eyes then face your face up. Then To let people scary do your eyes up and face down. you also can record your self. Did you know that when you close your eyes that they naturally roll into the back of your head? It's essentially the same, except that you're doing it with your eyes open. All you have to do is just relax, don't tense up, close your eyes slightly, and just use your muscles to roll them into the back of your head. Closing your eyes slightly relieves some of the pressure, which The Undertaker does if you've ever noticed. Just practice at it, and you will get the hang of it.

Yes,They do.They do that so they can protect their eyes when they attack.

The easiest way to do this, is to simply just look up and close your eyes then open them but continue to think about looking up!

when you close your eyes they role into the back of your head(and yall said yall couldn't see the back of your head)with is why there are 3 diffrent types of sleep when your eyes rle into the back of your that is a result of you going into R.E.M sleep withc lets you dream Another answer When you close your eyes, blink your eyes do not roll back into your head. They stay the same.

Eyes rolling in the back of a cat's head is a serious concern. This could be an indicator of the cat having a seizure.

even i can do it its not hard the only thing u have to do is roll your eyes up try its easy

because it be feeling so good then plus you are doing it rough omg your eyes roll to the back of your head when you feel the sensation in you legs its like your leg gets numb

The undertaker does it all the time and he is still alive!

The easiest way to do this, is to simply just look up and close your eyes then open them but continue to think about looking up!

No. First, your eye muscles will not allow you to roll your eyes all the way back.

Not always. Sometimes they don't. In movies they portray the eyes rolling back alot. Probibly because the person loses muscle control and can't control their eyes.

My opinion, not factually based, but I think it is because the muscles, yes even the muscle that control the movement of your eyes are relaxed allowing your eyes to roll much like you do when you are asleep.

Undertakers eyes are blue but he can roll them all the way back into his head so only white is showing. He does this when entering the ring and after he wins.

Your eyes roll back because you shut your eyes.

When you close your eyes, they roll to the back of your head, the white is the eyeball.

death or stroke it might happen to a baby if it is shooken or dropped

You really aren't supposed to shake a baby's head. The reason she does that is because her brain jiggles around in her skull!

Generally, dying people's eyes do not roll back into their heads. Acting performances often dramatize death this way.

Could be, not all seizures involve shaking, very few look like they do on tv.

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