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You could get off to a better start by using the correct 'there' in the sentence. No wonder noone has answered. Who are you Christine O'donnell?


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The US government passed the homestead act because they wanted to make the US a better land with power and they wanted to make us a bigger United States.

The government of the United states tries to defend the country and tries to get business leaders out of the hole that they've sank into, the president is one of the most important people in the government, because he signs folders and other such things and thinks strategically to try to get rid of fossil fuels such as oil. He also tries to prevent wars, (unlike Bush, no offense to anyone) and tries to make things less of a threat.

The United States is a democracy. The people of the United States make up the nation. The government exists as an efficient means to get what the people want done.

The United States has a limited government. The Constitution spells out a number of things that the government cannot do. For example, the government cannot make an "ex post facto" law, meaning that the government cannot retroactively make it illegal to have done something that was not illegal when you did it.

In the United States the Executive Branch makes treaties with foreign countries.

No, the power of making treaties in the United States is given to the federal government.

The United States is a republic. We elect people to make our laws. There are too many of us for us all to go to Washington to make laws.

You cannot without proper licenses from the United States Federal Government.

to make the united states a better country/union

The United States government. ITS A CONSPIRACY MAN

As of 1789 and the adoption of the constitution the United States has been a democracy.

The three principles of American democracy are:Power of government comes from the citizensAmericans themselves acting through their representatives run their governmentThe purpose of the government is to make the United States a better place to live in.

The combined houses of Congress make up the legislative branch of the United States government where laws are written.

The United States Government doesn't make any money in terms of earnings! The Government Receives Revenues in the form of taxes on other peoples activities.

To uphold the Constitution. To make the United States a better country.

The government creates new agencies over time because of special needs that might come up or something new that they need to make the United States a better place.

The government does not make any money off of prisoners. Most prisons in the United States are privatized institutional settings.

the 52 states to make the united states

There are fifty states that make up the United States of America. The four things that make up a state are territory, sovereignty, population and government.

The United States House of Representatives and the United States Senate make up the legislative branch of government. The other branches are the executive branch and the judicial branch.

Article 1, section 1 of the United States constitution states who has the power to make laws. In the United States, laws are made in the legislative branch of government.

1781as soon as the requisite nine states had ratified the constitution,the old congress began to make plans for putting the new government into operation

he wanted to make the united states a better place

we the people of the united states in order to make a more perfect government....thats all i no.

Capitalist, what you earn you make. Also a Democracy, people's choice.MEANS TO BE COOL

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