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look at the cover on your radaitor somewhere in that vicinity there should be a diagram showing how it goes over the pulleys

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Q: How does the belt go back on?
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How does the serpentine belt go back on in a 2001 Pontiac Sunfire?

Most cars have the diagram on a sticker some where in the engine bay if not go to your local parts store they can print off the belt diagram. If you have a new belt some have the diagram on the back of the packaging.

How do you get belt back onto new alternator on 1991 Chevrolet S10?

get a wrench that fits the tensioner and pull it back until the belt has enough slack to go on the alternator

Need routing diagram of a 2003 Toyota Corolla serpentine belt?

So I can put the belt back on the car there are no diagrams on the to show me how it go's on.

How do you apply a serpinetine belt on a 2000 impala with a 3.8 engine?

there is a diagram under the hood and in your owners manual of the belt routing, you have to release the tension on the belt tensioner and the belt will come right off and to put a new belt on just follow the routing chart and release tension on the tensioner to get belt back in place and when belt is back on all pulleys just let go of the tensioner and your done.

Cheverlot truck 1500 serpertine belt instruction?

how to put the serpertine belt back on how to put the serpertine belt back on

What is a transition belt?

Well a transition belt is a belt you put on around your stomach, just under the belly button similar to a regular belt. However, a dildo is attached on both the front and back of the belt. The dildo on the front is meant to be shoved up a partner's butt hole while the dildo on the back is extra long and meant to go in the belt holder's butt hole

If you took off the alternator and now the belt will not go back on how do you get it to go on right?

look under the hood for a 3"x4" sticker that show the diagram of the belt routing. If you can't find it you will need a book

Your alternator belt slipped off your 99 Grand Am last night how does it go back on?

There should be a diagram drawing on a sticker under the hood on how to replace this belt.

How do you replace a belt tensioner on a 2000 ford ranger?

It is only held on with one bolt and keyed to go a certain way. Take the belt off, unbolt it, bolt on the new one, put the belt back on.

How do you put it back on riding lawn mower belt that came off?

if you can see where it goes on all the stationary pulleys, put those on first, then there will be one idler pully, pull that back and the belt should go on easily

How do you disarm 2007 GMC Canyon seat belt chime?

Wear your seatbelt and the alarm will go off. If it will not go off when you hook the belt up, take it back to the dealer for repair. It is still under warranty.

How do you disable the seat belt chime in a Honda Element?

By wearing your seatbet. If it will not go off even when you have your seat belt on, take it back to the dealer and see if this is covered by your warranty.

Arctic Cat 2008 f8 snopro efi where does the spare belt go?

In the trunk at the back of the sled.

1997 528i serpentine belt diagram?

I am tryint to put my serpentine belt back, after i just installed my alternator,a nd io am haveing difficulties, i am looking for a diagram to show the route of the way the belt should go.

How do you put a belt back on a 1990 New Yorker 3.3 liter?

The belt tensioner is spring loaded and can be un-tensioned with a 1/2" drive breaker bar or ratchet , route the belt and then let the tensioner go.

How do you loosen serpentine belt on 1999 Chevy astro?

You must release the tension on the belt. Do this by moving the tensioner back. It may have a square hole in the bracket that a ratchet will fit, and it may have another method. It does go back if done correctly.

Where is secret task mission 4 epf club penguin?

Go into the Sports Shop and grab the belt off of one of the penguin models. Then go back to the ski lift and attach the belt to where the ski lift broke

How do you change the timing on a Toyota Corolla after the timing belt broke?

When you have the belt put back on correctly it will be back in time.

Subaru loss of power after cam belt change?

take the belt back off and put it back on right

Does the seat belt have to go across your shoulder?

yes because it holds you back so you dont go flyng forward when you have to stop unexpectedly. Also, in a bad enough accident the belt across the waist can cut into your stomach. This has happened.

How do you replace the serpentine belt on a 2000 Jeep Cherokee?

Insert a ratchet or breaker bar in the belt tensioner and turn it slightly to release the pressure on the belt. Move the belt off the belt tensioner pulley and then release the belt tensioner. The belt should have plenty of slack in it now. Pay attention to the belt routing as you pull out the belt because the new one must go in the same routing. Make sure the belt is back in the proper route and then twist your belt tensioner and put the belt over the tensioner pulley. It should be tight again.

How does a Ford Mustang serpentine belt go on?

on the front of the moter under the air conditioner unit there is a tensioner pully take a socket and ratchet and turn it to release tention off the belt then take the belt off and buy a new one then look at the diagram on the front of the car and route it back the way it shows u to then turn the bolt on the tensioner again and slide the belt back on

Disable seat belt warning bell Honda element 2008?

Just connect you seat belt and the bell will go off. If it is staying on even after you connect the seat belt take it back to your Honda dealer for repair, as it is still under warranty.

How to put the alternator belt back on a 2002 Oldsmobile Alero?

If you completely replaced the serpentine belt you must detach the right side of the engine from its mount in order to get the belt back on its path illustrated on the engine's right side. If you are not replacing the belt and just want to slip it back on, then, just release the tension on the tensioner pulley near the rear of the engine and slip the belt back onto the tensioner pulley.

How do you change a belt on a 2000 dodge neon?

it depends on what belt it is worse if it is the alternater belt and a pain in the butt if its timing the serpentine belt goes on the front 2 pullys from the top pully you take the belt down and you will se a smooth pully the back side of the belt hits that and goes on the back pully (this is all on the passenger side) alternater belts go behind the serpentine belt and timing belts are in the engine the dots represent the belt its hard to read but it is the best i can do the larger 0 are the main pullys the smaller o is the smooth pully .