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How does the bible show Jose Luis de Jesus Miranda's point of view and claims on CNN that he is the Antichrist and New Christ counteract with what is believed in the main stream Christianity religion?

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December 13, 2007 8:02PM

Anybody can claim to be the true prophet or the re-incarnated Jesus himself. In the case of Miranda's case, then it's up to us to study if his claim is true or not. The question really is, why do people believe weird things ? So, why do people believe weird things? "More than any other, the reason people believe weird things," says Shermer, "is because they want to. . . .It feels good. It is comforting. It is consoling." Secondly, weird beliefs offer "immediate gratification." People like weird beliefs because they are simple. Weird beliefs also satisfy the quest for significance: they satisfy our moral needs and our desire that life be meaningful. Finally, he says, people believe weird things because weird things give them hope. There will be many anti-Christs in the end days. The definition of an anti-Christ is one who preaches or teaches a different message than Christ did on His time on Earth. The reason why many people claim huge claims like these is because it is a publicity stunt, as they want to make a name for themselves and be known by all. However, once the Christians are gone, a man will attempt to save the world from chaos and mass hysteria, though he will eventually sacrfice a pig in the new temple in Israel, which will prove that he is the Anti-Christ, and that he is possessed by Satan himself. Once this is done (which is called the abomination of desolation, as pigs are unclean and to sacrifice one in a holy temple is unbelievably reprehensible), things will really get to rolling, as the time of Jacob's trouble will begin.