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A muscle fiber gets a signal to move from a nerve and then it moves!

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Who does the bicep work with?


How do you get a bigger bicep?

By doing excersizes with dumbbells that work-out your biceps. E.G-Bicep curls.

Do your muscles work in pairs?

All muscles work in pairs. For example you have the bicep and tricep in the upper arm. The bicep contracts and your arm bends; while the arm is bent your tricep is relaxed. When the tricep contracts the arm extends. The bicep is then relaxed.

What are the names of the muscles that work together to bend and straighten the arm?

bicep and tricep. (inner arm is bicep and outer arm is tricep)

What one exercise to work out your bicepts?

dumbbell bicep curls.

Exercises used to build up bicep strength?

Bicep strength can be increased by means of regular work outs to the bicep muscle. Some basic exercises that can help you strengthen your bicep muscles are:Standing barbell curlStanding dumbbell curlPreacher curls

What does the arm do when the bicep relaxes?

muscles work in pairs so when the bicep relaxes the tricep contracts, these actions create elbow extention (arm lowering) creating an objuce angle- lowering stage in a bicep curl

What does your bicep do?

the bicep like any skeletal muscle are there for motion. they allow the bones to move without these muscles we would not be able to move. the bicep contracts (becomes shorter) and pulls the lower arm up. giving you movement remember muscles work in pairs so when the bicep contracts the tricep (the opposite muscle) relaxes. they work together to coordinate movement sufficiently

What muscles do bicep curls work out?

im gonna say the Bisceps...

How do you get biceps the same size?

By working out the smaller bicep more than you work out the larger one. For example if you are a righty, usually your right bicep is larger, Therefore if you were doing bicep curls I would do 10 with the right and 15 with the left.

What is an alternative exercise for a chin up?

Chin ups work biceps and back; a simple alternative would be a bicep curl for bicep and a deadlift for back strength.

Is a bicep an organ?

No, your bicep is a muscle.

What is the job of a bicep?

the job of a bicep is to do curls when you work out. the tricep is used more in regular life, the tricep is also the most important muscle when you punch something. the bicep is used for making your arms tords your body like so... when your arms go down you are using your tricep.when you pull up you are using your bicep

What is it that muscles are not able to do?

Muscles can only pull not push. That is why they work in pairs an example is your tricep and bicep, your bicep pulls your arm up and your tricep pulls your arm down.

What muscles work in arm curl?

In an arm curl the bicep is worked the most.

What do bicep musceles and tricep muscles work together to do?

Move the forearm at the elbow

Where is the Bicep located?

the bicep is located in your arm

What rhymes with bicep?

tricep rhymes with bicep

What does a muscle do when the other muscle relax?

Muscles work in agonistic and antagonistic pairs; an example is the bicep and the tricep. When you flex your arm, the bicep is the agonist (the contracting muscle) and the tricep is the antagonist (the relaxing muscle.) When you extend your arm, it's the opposite - the bicep is antagonistic and the tricep is antagonistic.

What is the opposing muscle of the bicep?

The tricep opposes the bicep

How do the biceps and triceps work together to starighten the arm?

Well, when you bend your arm, your bicep contracts, and your tricep relaxes, so, if you straighten your arm your bicep must relax, and your tricep contracts. :)

Why is your left bicep shorter than your right bicep?

right handed people do more work with their right hand hence their right biceps are longer the opposite is true for left handed people...

What are some sentences for the word bicep?

My right bicep is aching.

What muscles work in pairs?

Skeletal muscles do Basically voluntary muscles e.g. Bicep and tricep

What muscles does the preacher curl work?

The preacher curl in my opinion is the best bicep exercise.It is better than barbell curl because barbell curl works bicep brachii but it does not give enough work to brachialis muscle.Preacher curl works both Bicep brachii and brachialis.First Mr.Olympia Larry "The legend"Scott used to do Preacher curl and he developed 20' inch Arm.

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