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How to put Black Plastic piece back?"How does the black plastic piece that actuates the turn signal hi-lo beam it fit into place with tilt wheel on a 1989 Chevy Camaro?"

This could be a long answer! But hopefully your familiar with the workings of the steering column?

A lot of pieces are black plastic. If you have already taken it apart,then try to reverse the process to install! (ex: last piece out-will be first piece to go back in, and so on)

If your turn signal lever fell out, it is held in place by a screw!To access this screw, you will need some specialty tools,& Patience!!!

  1. 1) This is? an 1989 correct! Then you shouldn't have to deal with AirBag.
  2. 2) You will need a (steering wheel puller),(A special tool to remove steering column lock ring)(snap ring pliers),(2 small flat head screw drivers),(medium Phillips head screw driver),(a medium duty socket set)(locktite blue temporary thread sealant).

No other tools should be needed, unless you plan on going past the turn signal cancel cam! DO NOT WORRY ABOUT THE TILT MECHANISM, WHICH IS PAST WHERE YOU WILL BE WORKING! CAUTION! CAUTION! DO NOT ATTEMP TO DISSASEMBLE THE TILT, IT HAS VERY STRONG SPRINGS UNDER PRESSURE, THAT COULD HURT YOU BAD IF THIS IS NOT DONE CORRECTLY. The tilt has nothing to do with turn and high/low beam switch!!!

"NOW" to put turn signal lever back in.

  1. 1) To be safe and not blow fuses, disconnect negative battery cable.
  1. 2) Make sure your wheels are facing straight ahead, and lock ignition/steering wheel and remove "KEY" Make sure steering wheel is locked!
  1. 3) Remove horn cover,and try not to bend any metal strips on steering wheel which are for the horn.
  1. 4) Remove steering wheel nut, then attach steering wheel puller and remove steering wheel from shaft.
  1. 5) You should now be looking at a Round black plastic cover! Remove this cover and remember how it was on. Be careful of the little button/spring sticking up, which is for the horn, remove it but don't lose it.
  1. 6) NOW you will need your Specialty Tool to remove column lock plate. Make sure you ONLY DEPRESS LOCK PLATE enough to get Small Lock Ring off and out of groove. This can be frustrating if the "Original" lock ring is in there, because you will need the 2 small screw drivers to pry it out carefully.

Note: Depressing lock plate further than needed to remove lock ring, CAN & WILL CRUSH SIGANL CAM & DESTROY IT!! Be careful!!!

  1. 7 Now you are right where you want to be! Looking at the white plactic cancelling ring on column, look to the left of it, and you should see a horizontal grove and a screw? (Note: There are 3 other screws that sit lower into holes! Don't remove them unless you plan on removing cancelling cam).

If you don't see a screw in the hole in grove, then hopefully it came out with turn signal arm? But to be safe, you should check around a little inside where you are working to see if it fell in column? If it is in there and not removed, it could cause problems later. If it's in site, use a small magnet to retrieve it.

  1. 8 But assuming you have the screw or a new one, feed the small end of turn signal arm thru colar hole, and fit it into grove on plastic cam. Put some Blue locktite on screw, and attach signal arm. Make sure any writing on signal arm is facing you,(such as cruise control or wipers)then secure arm to cam.
  1. 9 Note: A rod runs down the steering column from the back of cam, to a switch for the High/Low beams. You should not have to deal with this unless you are having a problem with it! If it ain't broke, don't touch it!! All the connectors and switches on lower column and under dash become very brittle with age and break very easily, and some are very difficult to work on or replace.
  1. 10 Your half way done. Now reverse the process and remember, last part out will be first part in and so forth and so on.


Not sure if this will help you, but good luck, and most of all, take your time and put everything back the same way, and secure tightly."Patience is a Virtue" Do it right the first time, and you only do it once!Don't forget, it's not the driving, but the "NUT BEHIND THE WHEEL"

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God I love "GM" Sometimes - LOL!

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Q: How does the black plastic piece that actuates the turn signal hi-lo beam it fit into place with tilt wheel on a 1992 Chevy Lumina it came out and the high beams were stuck on?
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