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Why is a blue bird blue?

its just a bird which is blue

What is a blue bird of paradise?

The Blue Bird of Paradise is a Bird of Paradise. There are about 42 Bird of Paradise species, the Blue Bird of Paradise being one of them.

What bird is all blue in color?

A blue tit and a blue bird

When was Blue Bird Mini Bird created?

Blue Bird Mini Bird was created in 1977.

When was Blue Bird Micro Bird created?

Blue Bird Micro Bird was created in 1975.

What is bird with blue on its wings called?

a blue jay or aka blue bird

What is the Japanese word for Blue-bird?

There isn't one, but you can literally say "blue bird" by combining blue "aoi" and bird "tori" together.

Compound word bird with blue feathers?

blue bird

What kind of bird lay blue egg?

A blue bird

What is compound word for bird with blue feathers?

blue bird,

What logo is a blue bird?

Twitter has a blue bird as its logo.

What rhymes with blue bird?

There is a new word for blue bird.

Is a blue jay a bird?

yes a blue jay is a bird

A bird with blue feathers?

A blue bird, blue jay, and blue grosbeak has blue feathers. Some of the feathers on a male peacock are blue.

Is the blue jay a state bird?

The blue jay is not a state bird.

Is a blue bird a primary consumer?

A blue bird is a primary consumer

Which bird have blue blood?

yes there is one bird with blue blood. if you read the story of the bird with blue blood which it is written by dawood s painter. you will see there is only one bird has blue blood,

What is the word for bird with blue bird?

Bird is the word!!

When you breed a black and blue together what colors can you expect?

When you breed a black and a blue together you get a dark blue or black.

Can a breed of bird glow in the dark?


How do you say blue bird in spanish?

lave azul un lave azul is "a blue bird" el lave azul is "the blue bird"

Why is the eastern blue bird the NY state bird?

The Eastern blue bird is the state bird of New York because it is EVERY WHERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Is a blue jay national bird or a state bird?

A blue jay is neither a state bird or national bird, a Eagle is national and a Bluebird is a state bird.

Blue-chinned Sapphire humming bird?

a humming bird with a blue chin and a sapphire i its anus

Bird with blue feathers 8 letters compound word?

blue bird

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