How does the challenge system in tennis work?


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Player Challenge System:

Players have unlimited opportunity to challenge, but once three incorrect challenges are made in a set, they cannot challenge again until the next set. If the set goes to a tie break, players are given additional opportunities to challenge.

How the On-Court Challenge System Works

  • Each player/team is allowed a maximum of three incorrect challenges in a normal set after which they are not permitted to challenge again in that set.
  • If a set goes to a tiebreak, this limit of incorrect challenges is increased from three to four for the set.
  • Challenges may not be carried over from one set to another.

In the Advantage set - 5th set for men's singles/doubles and 3rd set for all other events (except Seniors' events)

  • Each player/team is allowed a maximum of three incorrect challenges in a normal set after which they are not permitted to challenge again in that set.
  • However, if the match is tied at six games all, the counter is reset with both players/teams again having a limit of up to three incorrect challenges in the next 12 games
  • Challenges may not be carried over and the process of resetting is repeated after every 12 games

Match Tie-Break (Seniors Events)

  • During a Match Tie Break, the Match Tie Break is considered a new set and each player/team will again have the opportunity to make up to three incorrect challenges.

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