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it takes place two elements in matter reacts for example a metal when a metal was drop into the water it will rust thats because oxygen from the water reacts with the components of the metal

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What is One step in a series of steps that take place in a chemical change?

One spet in a series of steps that take place in a chemical change? ( Answer:: ) ( Compound )

If a piece of metal bubbles was place in acid is that a chemical change?

No, it is not a chemical change. For example, if you put gold bubbles into any single acid, no chemical change will take place.

Is the stomach a physical or chemical change?

The stomach is not a change; it is an organ. Chemical changes take place inside of it.

Does a physical or chemical change take place when burning aluminum?

Burning anything, including aluminum, is a chemical change.

Are catalysts required for a chemical change to take place?

They are not essential to cause a chemical reaction.

Is flammability a chemical or physical change?

Flammability is considered to be a chemical and not a physical change. This based on the fact that combustion will take place which is a chemical reaction.

Do chemical reactions take place at equilibrium?

Microscopically, chemical reactions do take place at equilibrium. However, the rates of the forward and reverse reactions are the same. Thus, macroscopic change does not take place.

Does a chemical change always take place?

No, not always. For example, if you mix salt and water, no chemical change takes place. The salt dissolves in the water and a solution is formed, which is not a chemical change because the salt and water retain their individual chemical compositions.

How does matter change chemically?

The chemical changes take place on moleculer space. A chemical change form (or) produce a new substance.

Is dipping blue litmus paper in lemon juice physical or chemical?

it is a chemical change that makes a physical change take place

Does a chemical change take place when a chemical bond breaks and forms a new bond?

yes but only if the chemical change cannot be reversed back into what it was before...

Write 3 differences between chemical and physical change?

Okay now here goes in a physical change no chemical reaction takes place. in chemical change chemical reactions take place. A physical change is reversible but a chemical change is not.In a physical change no new substance is formed(A+B=B) in a chemical change new substances are formed(A+B=C)

What kind of changes take place when a candle is lit or burned Explain?

When a candle is burnt a physical AND chemical change takes place. Its a physical change when the wax is being melted because the chemical structure has not change, meaning it cannot be a chemical change. Its also a chemical change because you are burning the string. When you burn something the chemical structure DOES change, meaning it is a chemical change.

When does a chemical change take place?

Whenever there is an electronic transfer between atoms.

What are three requirements for a chemical reaction to take place?

temperature change colour change and gas Release

When you fry an egg does a chemical change take place?

Yes, it turns to a solid and denaturation takes place.

Is scraping paint of a door a chemical change?

no. in order for a chemical change to take place the chemical make up of the paint would need to change, such as a color change. when you peel paint off a door you arent changing its chemical state.

When does a chemical change take place meaning when gas is given off?

As a result of a chemical reaction with gas release.

What does a substance changed into when chemical change take place?

The reactants are changed in products having new chemical composition.

What happens to make a chemical reaction?

In A Chemical Reaction the following take place a) there is evolution of a gas b) change in colour c) change in state d) change in temperature

Can physical and chemical change take place together?

yes eating of chocolate : biting cuts the chocolate - physical change( it still remains chocolate) digesting it is chemical change

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