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I assume what you mean by "device manager" is the system by which you access external hard drives, flash drives, printers and so on. All file systems (drives) show up on the desktop when they are plugged in. To see what printers are attached to your computer, go under system preferences and look at Print & Fax. Things on the mac are plug and play, so if you are having any trouble with this you need to be more specific about what you need help with.

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How do you find your GFX?

Goto Device Manager on Windows if you have a Mac goto the apple logo at the top left hand corner and click about this Mac then go into more info.

Do you need an apple keyboard for an apple computer?

Most standard keyboards can work with an Apple Mac but those specifically designed to work with a Mac will have the Mac specific keys such as Command etc.

Will blackberry user tools work on apple MacBook Pro?

Blackberry software for the Mac can be downloaded (See links below) if not included with the device.

How can you play Temple Run on computer?

Can't unless you have a Mac or Apple device

Can an apple computer connect to the internet using a 3g wireless usb device?

I depends if the software on the usb device is compatible with mac. I have used an At&T one with my mac.

Will .Mac work with iPod Touch?

yah mac and ipods were made by apple so the ipod touch will work with a mac.

Dose MSN Hotmail messenger work on apple mac computers?

Microsofts MSN Messenger and HotMail will work on Apple Mac computers. (See links below)

What Microsoft software do you need for an apple mac book?

Apple Mac Books work perfectly without any software from Microsoft.

Can an apple id be accessed on any device?

An apple ID can be accessed on any apple approved software of device. It can be accessed on itunes on your computer/mac/laptop etc or your idevice-e.g ipad ipod, iphone etc.

Where can Mac printer drivers be found?

When installing a printer to a Mac, first connect the device. The Mac will then search for devices required. Once found, they will be installed and your device should work normally.

What device do i need to connect to the internet?

A 'Apple Mac' (Computer)You already have it or you couldn't have asked this stupid question.

How do you connect an iPod to a Mac computer?

The iPod is a device made by Apple, just as a Mac computer is. The iPod, iPodTouch, iPhone, and iPads connect to the Mac with a USB cable. Depending on the age of the device, the cable may differ. Plug the device into the Mac using the Cable. They don't need to be 'installed' on the Mac. The device is organized using iTunes. It will appear in iTunes. Music, Audiobooks, Apps, and Tones and other files are put on the device by selecting the type of media, and checking which files you want on the device, and then clicking the "SYNC" icon.

Does action replay code manager work with mac?

Nope I've installed Crossover with Wine, and it does not work, its just infair how Mac users don't have it

Can you get Minecraft on an apple Mac?

Yes you can get Minecraft on an Apple Mac.

Why does Mac have an apple logo?

Because Apple is short for Apple Macintosh. In other words a mac is an apple.

Apple mobile device not started?

i think it is the mac book the n second is the i phone then i touch But what about them though? how do you get it started?^^^^

Can you use a dazzle capture device with an apple MacBook?

Yes, as long as the SOFTWARE that it needs to run is Mac compatible.

When did apple release Mac?

The first Apple Mac appeared in 1984.

Can one use Linux on an apple Mac pc?

Absolutely. Linux will work fine on an Apple Mac PC. Linux can also be used for a selection of other computer brands.

Can you put apple software disk in a PC and it will work it's software?

Software written for Mac OS X will only work on a Mac running Mac OS X it will not work with other operating systems such as Windows.

Is there an Apple Mac?

The term Apple Mac is a generic description for any Macintosh computer made by Apple. The actual computer may be a Mac Pro, an iMac, a MacBook, a MacBook Pro, a MacBook Air or a Mac Mini. All of these can be referred to as an Apple Mac or just a Mac.

It is now possible for Mac OS X to work on Intel-based computers?

Providing the Intel based computer is manufactured by Apple then their Mac OS X software can work on it. The Mac OS X user's licensing agreement prevents Mac OS X being used on computers that are not made by Apple.

What does apple mac have that Mac doesnt?

Nothing and everything. Apple makes the Macintosh.

What is the disease of apple Mac?

There is no disease currently known to the Apple Mac computers

Does PSP Media Manager work on a Mac?

NO. At the moment PSP Media Manager (now MediaGO) is only available for Windows users.

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