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They are both viruses but the flu is typically more intense. The symptoms are similar but more severe with the flu.

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the common cold you get in the WINTER the flu is an ANY TIME disorder

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Q: How does the flu differ from the common cold?
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How big is the common cold virus?

cold and flu

Would a head cold fall under the category of a common cold or the flu?

A head cold falls under the "common cold" category. Typically flu does not cause nasal congestion.

What is the most common communicable disease?

The common cold and flu.

Do flu shots prevent common cold?


What are the common cold and flu examples of?

A virus.

Can you have flu without a cold?

The common cold and the flu are caused by two different types of viruses so there really is no relationship between them or an illness you have from one or the other. You can have the flu without having had a common cold virus and vice versa.

What are four common viruses?

The common cold, the flu, mumps, measles.

What are some viruses going around?

Stomach flu, Flu, Common cold, and such things.=)

What causes the common cold rabiesAIDS and flu?


Is Influenza an intestinal disease?

no it is the flu or common cold

What pathogen causes a common cold and the flu?

a virus

What virus is the cause of the common cold?


How can you tell if what you have got is Swine Flu or just a common cold?

Most people can not tell if you have any symptoms of the common cold you should see your doctor to see if it is swine flu or not.

Is there a vaccine for the common cold?

No. There is a vaccine for the flu and H1N1, but not for the common cold. But all you need for the common cold is TLC and a little bit of orange-flavored Delsum. :)

Why do you get common cold when you drink cold drinks?

That won't cause the flu unless you are drinking from the same glass someone with the flu used soon after they did. Cold weather and cold things do not cause the common cold, viruses do. See the related questions for more details.

What disease has the symptoms coughing sneezing?

The common cold, or the flu.

What causes the common cold and rabies and AIDS and flu?


Can you die from a common cold?

no you cannot die from the common cold unless you are immunocompromized because it is not that serious, you can die from the flu though.

Can you get a common cold from someone who has the flu?

Not typically since usually an otherwise healthy person has only one viral infection at a time. The common cold and the flu are caused by different types of viruses.

Has Justin Bieber ever had the H1N1 illness?

H1N1 is a common virus, e.g. the flu. Since the flu is such a common illness, it is likely that Justin Bieber at some point has had a cold or flu.

Are pigs to blame for Swine Flu?

Pigs are no more to blame for swine flu than humans are for the common cold.

Is the common cold flu and sore throat are communicable diseases?

yes it can

What are 3 diseases caused by viruses?

common coldthe fluHIV

What are some examples of viral diseases?

The common cold, flu, herpes.

Is cold related to flu?

If you are asking about a relationship between the common cold and influenza, there is one: both the common cold and influenza are caused by viruses. Other than that relationship, and that they both affect the upper respiratory system, they are not otherwise related. If your question is asking if getting the flu is related to being cold or in the cold, then see the related questions in the related questions section for information about getting a cold or the flu from cold weather.