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Q: How does the food at fast food restaurants get there I want to know every detail?
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Is there fast food restaurants in Spain?

Yes, there are fast food restaurants in virtually every country you can think of.

Advantages of fast food?

whats are the advantages of fast food restaurants? whats are the disadvantages of fast food restaurants?

How many fast food restaurants are in the US?

85,000 fast food restaurants are in the USA

What are the causes and effects of the popularity of fast food restaurants?

what are the causes of popularity of fast food restaurants?

Are all restaurants fast food restaurants?

no not at all

How many fast foods restaurants are located on every block in New York City?

The majority of New York City blocks have no fast food restaurants on them at all. If there were multiple fast food restaurants on every block, that would mean that roughly one quarter to one third of all the shops and businesses in New York City are fast food restaurants. I'm really not sure why you would think that New York City's entire economy is based on fast food. I'm also at a loss to explain why you think that New Yorkers eat such an astounding quantity of fast food, that multiple fast food restaurants could exist on every block and still manage to stay in business.

What fast food restaurants open on Easter Sunday?

Most fast food restaurants are open on Easter Sunday. To know what fast food restaurants are open in your area, check the restaurant's website.

What are the healtiest fast food restaurants?

This is a joke right? You are using "healthiest" and "fast food restaurants" in the same sentence.

Are fast food restaurants clean?

Yes, fast-food restaurants are usually clean if you go to the right ones.

How fast do fast food restaurants serve their customers?


Is there a mcdonalds or other fast food restaurants in Nigeria?

nigeria has fast food restaurants but not American ones, so there is no Mcdanalds, burger king, KFC, and etc there. However there are fast food restaurants that cater foods just like the American ones but from a different manufacturer and company name, and yes we have Chinese and etc restaurants. The only difference in nigeria compared to America is nigerians don't depend on fast food restaurants as their primary source of food they mostly tend to cook their own food at home, so fast food restaurants are more of a once in awhile thing for nigerians but in America many people depend on fast food restaurants every day. which is why obesity is a issue in America but not nigeria.

What are the effects of the popularity of fast food restaurants?

well more people seem to go to fast food and then the fast food restaurants expand and take up more land.

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