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all of the above

this is for plato

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Q: How does the general election campaign differ from the campaign for the party's nomination in that the candidates?
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What are the campaign stages of a presidential campaign in chronological order?

winning the nomination, campaigning at the convention, and mobilizing support in the general election

What kind of election held within a political party at which voters choose candidates who will appear on the ballot in an upcoming general election?


What is the election in which the voters decide which of the candidates will represent the party in the general election?

The primaries are the elections in which candidates are selected to represent their respective parties in a general election.

Which is not a method of nominating candidates?

General election

What is the election that is held to select the candidates for the general election?

the political party conventions

What was the purpose of primary elections?

decides which candidate will be given the party nomination to stand for election in the general election

What is a political party's election of candidates?

The election to choose a party's candidate for a general election is called a primary election.

Which human right did Sir Edmund Hillary stand for?

Edmund Hillary took part in the 1975 general election, as a member of the "Citizens for Rowling" campaign. His involvement in this campaign was seen as precluding his nomination as Governor-General, with the position instead being offered to Keith Holyoake in 1977.

How do you get elected president?

win party nomination any primary then general election

An election held within a party to pick candidates for the general election is?

i thnk a caucus

What election is an election held before the general election?

Before the general election is one or more primary elections, which narrows down a field of candidates.

Name all of the African American presidential candidates?

Assuming you mean for the United States, Barack Obama is the first presidential candidate (there may have been other party candidates, but none who won their party). There are atleast 25+ Black people who have won the nomination of their party for president of the United States and have been listed on the general election ballots since the late 1800's. For example, Shirley Chisholm was NOT the first Black woman to run for president. Charlene Mitchell was the first Black woman to run for president in the general election. She won the nomination of her party.. Rep. Chisholm did not win the nomination of her party and was NOT listed on any general election ballot.

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