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How will you support your government as a citizen?

Merely pay your taxes, and VOTE!

Why is the power to tax so important to a government?

Because taxes pay for government and municipal services and pay the salaries of government officials.

Do you have to pay taxes if you are a us citizen working in Canada?

Yes. You will still have to pay taxes, whether it be to the Canadian government or the US government. If you work, you must pay tax.

Why pay tax?


Are the taxes paid by a filipino citizen commensurate to the service and programs they received from their government?

Probably not, Taxes are normally also used to help the poor (who do not pay tax). So taxes are also supporting the services other citizens get from their government.

Where does the government get money to pay for all the services it provides?


Why does the government tax people?

To make money to pay for public services.

How does the government get money to pay for its services?

burrows money by selling bonds

How does the government pay for the services it provides?

With taxes and fees paid by people.

Why do you have income taxes?

So that the government has a source of some income to pay for the expenses of the operation of the government services.

What are three types of government services that pay for taxes?

military , roads , schools , police , fire , social services

What are the duties of US citizenship?

As a US citizen you need to abide by the government, follow rules and pay taxes. You also should register under the US armed services. You need to make use of your right to vote.

What do income taxes contributed by American citizens pay for?

government services and protection

How does the Internet assist citizen activists?

The Internet helps citizens to gather information about political issues and government services and to communicate with legislators and government leaders.

Where and how much can I get a respite service for local seniors?

Unfortunately, there isn't a good way for a normal citizen to get respite services for senior citizens in their area. The senior citizen or their family needs to contact the government agency in charge of those services.

What is the relationship between citizen and government?

Related to the form of governmentAs a consumer of government servicesCan be active (by voting and volunteering) or passive (by believing that nothing is going change anyway so I won't vote)Role in shaping public opinion as an individual and as a part of being a citizen

What are government services?

I think it mean like to pay taxes so that they could work

Why tax is imposed by the government?

To pay for all the services the society it governs wants to have provided.

What is the purpose of paying taxes?

People are legally required to pay taxes, therefore the reason why they pay taxes is to avoid going to jail for violating the tax laws. You may also be wondering why the government requires people to pay taxes. Government services cost money, and taxes are used to pay for them. There are lots of debates about exactly how much money the government should be spending, and exactly what services the public really needs, but it is generally agreed that the public does need at least some government services, and there must be at least some taxes collected to pay for them.

The federal government uses income taxes to?

To pay all of the necessary expense of operating the services and programs that are administrated by the federal government.

Why is VAT charged?

To generate revenue for the treasury to pay for public services, defence, government etc.

What is it called when a citizen refuse to pay their taxes?

When a citizen refuses to pay taxes it is called tax evasion.

Do you pay for ambulance services?

The Ambulance Service is Government Funded. You obviously pay tax to the government which is how they pay for the ambulance service and other resources.US-Centric Answer:Yes, ambulance service will be billed to your insurance, or to you directly if you have no insurance coverage.

How much do you have to pay to become a citizen?

You don't have to pay, it takes time to be a citizen. For some people it takes up to 10 years to be a citizen if you do the paperwork.

Why do you have to pa taxes to the govermet?

Because you should to help pay for some of the services and benefits that you receive from the government.