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According to modern atomic theory it is nearly impossible to determine an electrons exact?

Location and momentum. You can determine either, but not both.

Compare the positions of the electrons in bohr's model of the atom with their positions according to modern atomic theory?

compare the position of the electrons in bohr's model of the atom with their position according to modern atomic theory

Compare the position of the electrons in bohr's model of the atom with their positions according to modern atomic theory?

Modern atomic theory electrons are in constant motion around the nucleus, closer to the exterior. Bohrs model represents the electrons closer to the center.

How is the modern model of an atom different than the Bohr atomic model?

The modern atomic model is based on quantum mechanics, clouds of electrons, wave functions.

What did bhor discover?

A description of the arrangement of electrons in an stom is the centerpiece of the modern atomic model.

According to modern atomic theory what can move from one energy level to another?


How is the modern model of an atom different from the Bohr atomic model?

The arrangements of the electrons are diffrent.

What information on the element is provided on the modern periodic table?

Symbol, Name, Atomic Number, Atomic Mas, Energy Levels, Electrons

What area is where modern scientist think electrons are likely to be found?

Electrons are most likely to be found in the electron cloud surrounding the atomic nucleus.

Compare the positions of the electrons in bohrs model of the atom with their positions according to modern atomic theory?

Bohrs model of the atom placed electrons in pairs on circular orbits around the nucleus. The modern atomic theory places the electrons in orbital clouds where they will most likely be found based on the atoms electron amount.

Describe the modern atomic model?

the modern atomic model is composed of a nucleus in which the protons and neutrons are located, and is also surrounded by an electron cloud in which the energy levels that the electrons are on is located on the outside of the nucleus

Niels Bohr's contribution to modern atomic theory was the proposition that?

an atom has electrons in discrete energy levels

How many electrons are in the outer shell of an atom with the atomic mass of nineteen?

you cannot determine its electronic configuration through its atomic mass. atomic no is necessary. for this, check modern periodic table.

According to the modern atomic theory what can scientists not know about an electron?

Atomic theory does not really refer to electrons---indeed, when it was first created they did not even know electrons existed, and the modern reinterpretation of its postulates (in light of our knowledge of subatomic particles, fission, fusion, and isotopes) does not talk specifically about electrons either. Now based on your question, I presume that what you are looking for is that we cannot know both the position and momentum of an electron simultaneously. This is the application of Heisenburg's uncertainty principle to electrons. It is the reason why we talk about the location of electrons in terms of probabilities of finding them somewhere within the region of space defined by orbitals.

What atomic number of an element?

The atomic number represents the number of electrons in an element. In the case of natural elements, it is similar to the number of protons. The modern version of the periodic table is arranged in increasing order of the atomic number.Atomic number is equal to number of protons. It is also equal to number of electrons in neutral atom. As number of electrons change during bonding, only neutral atom is considered.

In the modern wave mechanical model of the atom the orbitals are regions of the most probable location of?


What the difference between bohrs model and the modern atomic theory?

In the modern atomic theory an electron's exact location cannot be determined, while in Bohr's atomic theory have set paths around the nucleus basically like how the planets orbit the Sun.

Which contributions did Erwin Schrödinger make to modern atomic theory?

He developed equations that describe the motions and energies of electrons

What is the basis for the organization of the modern periodic table is?

Atomic number (number of protons) plus pattern of valence electrons.

What does modern atomic theory say about electron location?

the heisenburg uncertainty priciple says that you cannot know an electron's location and speed at the same time

What did Bohr contribute to modern atomic theory?

Bohr devoleped a model of the atom that predicts how it will behave.

What is the best way to describe the modern understanding of the location of electrons in an atom?

Electrons are most likely to be found within certain regions around the nucleus.

How is the Modern Atomic Model different from Bohr's model?

The modern model for atoms holds electrons in waves, or clouds, surrounding the nucleus. Bohr's model had these electrons orbiting the nucleus as particles. Who wanna date im SINGLE

How is the modern atomic theory different from Daltons atomic theory?

In Dalton's theory the electrons in the atom travel in a one layered orbital rotation around the nucleus, in the modern, or electron cloud, theory the electrons travel in a more radical patterned movement while still staying in their respected energy levels.

How many valence electrons are found in Al?

Three, as expected from its location in column 13 in a modern periodic table.