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A Ocelot hunts and if it sees a fish it might swim after it

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What level of the rainforest does the ocelot get food?

The ocelot has been known to get food from the understory level and the forest floor of the rain forest.

What food does ocelot eat?


Is A Ocelot A Producer?

An ocelot is not a producer because it doesnâ??t make its own food. It is a consumer because it consumes other animals as food.

Can you have a picture of a food web for an ocelot?


How does an ocelot hunt food?

With hering and looking

What animals compete with the ocelot for food?


How does an ocelot eat?

It catches its food then it tears its food apart AND THEN IT SWALLOWS

Is the ocelot in the food chain?

Yes. Ocelots are consumers in the food chain.

What is food chain of the ocelot?

The ocelot is high on the food chain. And is a second level consumer. This animal eats rodents, birds, reptiles, and many other smaller animals.

Can an ocelot swim?

Yes, the ocelot (Leopardus pardalis) can swim. In fact most leopards can and will swim mainly searching for food or to cool off.

What Is The Food Chain Of The Ocelot?

mice,snakes,lizards,fish,and birds

What is the Function of Ocelot Teeth?

To kill animals for food and to protect itself.

What is the role of the ocelot?

it is a primary consumer, and can get a lot of food because of its size

In the future what will an ocelot need to survive?

In the future, an ocelot will need food, water, and shelter to survive. These are provided by nature but can taken away or destroyed by man.

How does the ocelot survive?

i think it has to feed on rodents or other type of food to survive

What is a female ocelot called?


Can you touch an ocelot?

You can touch an Ocelot but however , if the Ocelot feels threatened it may injure you.

Is the ocelot an endangered species?

No an Ocelot is not Endangered

How long in cm is an ocelot?

What in the heck is Ocelot?

Is Ethan Mallari Ocelot?

No, he is Raiden not Ocelot .

Where does an ocelot rest?

the ocelot rests in the trees

How much food does an ocelot eat in a day?

Type your answer here... 3-5 lbs a day!!!

Where can you find an ocelot?

you can find a Ocelot in Texas or in Mexico.

What eats the ocelot?

The ocelot has no natural predator at this time.

What does ocelot mean?

Ocelot means VEHICLE in Latin